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MG MGF Technical - B+G supersports exhaust


Our exhaust is going on our 1996 MPi, so I (we) have decided to fit the B+G supersports exhaust and get it fitted by summit motors in maidenhead.

My question is:
I am under no false pretences about miraculous power gains, especially considering that the rest of the car is standard. The dark side is calling me, but the exhaust is going so it will be the first to get dark sided ;) Im interested in the SOUND!

At the moment the exhaust is a bit blowy, and we get popping sounds when the throttle is lifted (dead boy racer hehe). What does the super sports exhaust actually sound like in comparison to standard? Im assuming that the 3" tailpipes sound good... Is it bassey? or louder? or fruitier? or throatier?

Once this is sorted i think ill invest in a K+N and 52mm throttle body. UH OH dark side...



BGF6000NE ?

Looks like the Milltek (SP) make.
Very common since xx years for the MGF.
I have one since 4 years, bought second hand.
The sound.. *g*
(old files from Dirkie)


Dieter K.

I have the original SP version (which is apparently louder than the later ones). At low revs it's quite inconspicuous - as the revs rise it rapidly grows into a LOUD growl and then a howl at the top end. :) Lots of pops and crackles on the overrun, mostly when cold. I find it can get a bit tiresome on a long motorway journey with the roof up because it turns into a constant drone, but the newer versions should be a bit quieter. The news isn't so good if you're a car following an F with an SP - loud!!!

Tim Jenner

I have the Milltek supersports. Tim's description of the sound is spot on, except that when the car is crusing I am not aware of any additional noise. But when you push the loud peddal its grrrrrrreat.
Steve Ratledge

i too have the SP, i love the rasp it makes through high rev gear changes, i have recently changed K&N 57i filter to enclosed Taipan filter system and is not quite so noisy in cabin bay now,both the Exhaust and K&N will add power gains, exhaust approx 5 bph or so and K&N similar so would say a good 10 bph with both added, bhp on the box of both will state slightly more but tests done by some of our guy's on here cam back with figures above, enjoy teh SP Experience, Dave ;-)
DC Morris T6 DCM

Just to confirm that the B&G SuperSport is indeed manufactured by Milltek :o) And yes, it sounds fantastic (although I opted for the Mike Satur Daytona backbox - my preference)
Rob Bell

Not having a lot of choice in Australia I bought over the net. Yes it is a Milltek and its loud as Tim states but on a longish trip I don't notice any drone.I already had a K&N pod filter with a small increase in power but since fitting the exhaust I have noticed the car has more power but have now added a 52mm TB !!!. Yes more power. This is fitted to a 98 VVC. Go ahead and enter the dark side it's fun.
Andrew Regens

Cool thanks for the advice guys, only problem is, is the sound of the exhaust just another excuse to floor the throttle?

hehe just kidding i know it will be ;)

As for the dark side being sure it is but i can already hear the bank manager complaining...


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