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MG MGF Technical - bhp!!!


Can anyone suggest some sensible mods to increase the power on my 160 trophy ideally looking for air filter exhaust combinations and any other tips that push it to around 180 ish!!!


b ford

sadly I think you'll find that exhaust and air were the main ways that rover got from 145 to 160 on the VVC unit

Probably best talking to Dave Andrews (DVA power) about head mods to take you anywhere noticeably higher
Will Munns

Yep, Dave Andrews is the man. To get that sort of power you are looking at cam change, Jenvey throttle bodies etc or just get NOS fitted!

Dave Andrews site
Steve P

How about:-

It's a sensible mod but costly too


Stu Dickens

As Will says, the induction & exhaust losses are minimal on the 160 engine with the Trophy airbox and the Trophy exhaust system. The head internals are unmodified, so there would definitely be gains from a DVA porting, and if combined with a mappable ECU (MEMS becomes restrictive with significant power gains), 180bhp is easily achievable.

At the group induction test at the Emerald rolling road, the Trophy actually showed a power drop with several of the kits, and the best (the ITG Maxogen IIRC) showed only a tiny increase against the figures from the standard Trophy airbox (with OE paper element!). Despite the Trophy recording 172bhp, up rolled Dave Livingstone with his DVA'd VVC and raised the bar somewhat...
Mike Hankin

Trophy 160 cylinder heads were modified - see - as Dave Andrews demonstrated, there is a machined area around the valve pocket that improves low-lift air flow.

I reckon that the best bet is to get the cylinder head ported, fit a decent exhaust manifold and back box, a decent air intake system, the 52mm throttle body and a warmer exhaust cam, and 180bhp (the magical 100bhp/litre figure) is yours for the taking. And very very tractible horses at that!

Of course, if you junked the VVC, you could make in excess of 200bhp, but then, you'd probably want to change the pistons and rods - and consider changing the bearing spec too... ;o)
Rob Bell

It's not necessary to ditch the VVC gear to get well in excess of 200bhp, the Elise 111S we helped develop was rolling roaded with 175bhp at the wheels (~210bhp at the flywheel) with head mods, Jenvey T/Bs and Emerald ECU and warm exhaust cam. My VVC midget with similar spec but on the std Plenum with 56mm T/B is around 180bhp at the fly on the std MEMS ECU, with the Emerald ~5bhp more is unleashed :)

Very impressive Andy - not come across a VVC on MTBs before - and had wondered how the engine would respond to that treatment. :o)

Have you got power curves?
Rob Bell

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