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MG MGF Technical - Bilstein Dampers

Have been bidding on a set of Bilstein dampers on ebay and have won. Thou they have been described as spax/bilstein and the photo shows them as blue/yellow are the same dampers that Techspeed fit?
R Baker

The Bilsteins which Techspeed sell have a fixed damping rate and are tuned to the car, the rear shocks are stiffer and as a result I know that front and rear shocks have different part numbers. I also have a feeling that the Techspeed items might even be tuned to a more specific setting than those items purchased over the counter (I'm sure Rob will comment here).

In deed the Bilstein shocks are yellow and blue but you do need to find out specifically which dampers you have bought, otherwise alas, you may have some components which will not suit your car.

tim woolcott

As Tim says Techspeed's Bilsteins are built to Techspeed's own specifications and are therefore unique to them. They are blue and yellow, but then I'd imagine that all Bilsteins are.

I'd call Marvin or Roy on 01926 632066, explain the situation and ask if there are any identification marks that would distinguish Techspeed Bilsteins from ordinary Bilsteins.

This is the spiel that was on the ebay webpage.
Amazing I work with dampers yet know nothing about these things!
Must try harder!

You are bidding on a full set of ( front & back ) Spax / Bilstein shock absorbers for an MGF. I had these supplied and fitted by a well known professional tuning company at great cost. I had only done 3k miles on these when I decided to sell my car ( 1996 model ). The shocks were subsequently removed from the car so that the dealer didnt get a nice freebie. These are not the usual off the shelf sports shockers !!!, these have been specifically designed for the MGF to give maximum road holding and comfort set up. These are NOT the adjustable type and are pre-set to a well researched and designed spec. Anyone genuinely interested in these will know their true value, and the results they will give in road holding. I have set a very fair reserve on this, someone somewhere is going to get a bargain
R Baker

Sounds promising Richard!

Any luck me as a foreigner might buy techspeed rated dampers from Techspeed ? Do they ship those items, any information on that ?

Richard - the description makes it sounds as though these are Techspeed dampers - might be worth dropping the vendor an email to confirm :o)

Thierry - Tech-speed do sell damper sets. Unfortunately, they are not particularly internet ready, so you need to phone them up and order...

Remember the Treffen is approaching pretty quickly! ;o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 18/08/2003

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