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MG MGF Technical - Bilstein shocks

Further to my enquiry about getting a more comfortable ride for my 2004 TF and being recommended to go for the Bilsteins , I have scanned the BBS archives and note that the ref. no's for the TF shocks were BE5 2528(front) & 2530 (rear). I have contacted a supplier on the internet who can supply the 2528(front) at a competitive price and says Bilstein say these are for both front & rear, the 2530 now no longer existing. Can anybody confirm this please? Are these the same as supplied through the MGOC ( at a much greater cost) ?
I'd appreciate your advice on this one guys.
k proud

Hmm - I would think that the kits supplied via the MGOC (developed I believe by Vehicle Handling Solutions - the guys who worked in the chassis department in the MG Rover days) are not going to be the same as the ones on the internet (and certainly not 2528s front and rear!)

I might be wrong, but aren't those the shockers specified for the MGF?
Rob Bell

I believe you are right Rob, on checking with MGOC they are certainly a different part/code number. Don't know if the 2528's were only for MGF but I understand on further enquiry that they are no longer available.The MGOC/VHS ones certainly seem to have impressed a lot of people so looks like I will have to "bite the bullet" and fork out for those !
k proud

They ought to be worth going for - and let us know what you think! :o)
Rob Bell

I got the MGOC/VHS units when I upgrade to TF suspension, and the ride is pretty close to original MGF. I did find that the ride height at the front works out at one notch higher than the rear. There are three settings available on the dampers, and I had it built on the middle setting, which is nominally one step lower than standard TF. What I got was the front at standard height, so I've reset the fronts to the lowest level - see for how it looks. Not ultra low, but reasonably level. I'm looking forward to giving it a try at Knockhill sometime this year!
M Cunningham 1

ride height is not affected by dampers, but by the length and stiffness of the springs !

Which springs are recommended with these 'VHS spec' Bilstein dampers ? Are the X Power (Eibach) OK ?

I understand that these particular shocks have been formulated to work with the standard TF springs.
k proud

Might be worth dropping Andy Kitson and Alan Phillips a line at VHS and asking them. It may be that these dampers will work well with the X-Power springs too, but they'll be the ones that can answer this question for sure.
Rob Bell

When I last spoke to VHS they informed me that they had no experience of the Xpower springs as they were not involved in their development.

I would be very cautious about using the Billies with the Xsprings as the damping might not match.
Tony L

Please note that the VHS Ltd Dampers were optimised for use with standard TF road springs. However, we have since investigated the Xpower springs and can confirm that they can be used with our dampers. In fact, our competition prepared mgtf 160 uses this combination.

Our dampers offer an adjustable spring seat position so that the ride height can be set as standard, or lowered by 10mm or 20mm.

Note that Xpower springs are sold as a kit and assumed to work OK with standard dampers, despite being circa 23% increased rate and of reduced length to lower the ride height. If you are using these springs, then the VHS tuned Bilstein units offer more appropriate damping than standard dampers, given the better response provided by the large piston area.

For more information or to purchase our dampers, please see or contact us at

Andy Kitson
A Kitson

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