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MG MGF Technical - bit of misfire

hi i have a mgf 160 trophy vvc 160 over last few weeks when im at traffic lights my revs sort of dip then when i drive off theres no power for few second then it will drive like normal for few days then do the same again the car stars up fine when cold what type of things could i change im thinking of my coil pack what else coukd it be
pd dixon

There have been times, when my mgf freestyle engine revs have dipped back and forth at idle.. often after a run... 50 to 100 miles.. i travel 88 plus miles a day in it.. its done 100000 miles since October 2011.... but every time its done that.. rev up and down around idle.. its settled and cleared.. i suspect.. its the air filter i have not changed yet, at its 60,00 service, ( its done 64,000 odd this moment ) or perhaps something to do with the fuel management.. since each time its cleared, soon after ive give the revs maximum ( i like third gear its magic) ie.. ive taken the revs in third gear to the point of cut out.... it could be something to do with the fuel too.. i use tesco's basic unleaded, but ive certainly seen improvements using the better graded fuels.. ive still yet to change the plugs... i didnt do that either at 56,000 when i did the " 60,000 service" but.. the example of rev dipping at idle is so rare... its just "one of those things" that happens from time to time.. certainly only occasionaly.. not on every journey everyday.. i do 400 plus miles a week... given the right road gradient.. my freestyle will still touch 130 plus mph... i cant fault it...
N.J. Simon

This thread was discussed on 16/04/2012

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