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MG MGF Technical - Bleedin' F

Typically whilst considering a TB/plenum/K&N upgrade the "F"ing gods looked down and laughed!!
They decided the Y shaped coolant pipe from the tempsensor (i think) housing should develop a severe leak and the resultant steam cloud would banish this silliness!!
I have now replaced the hose and my estimate is it required approx 5 litres to top up the coolant system.
I squished all the hoses to remove any air bubbles, took it for a short spin and sqished some more - the level in the expansion dropped about an inch during the run and subsequant squishing.
Is there anything else I should be doing to ensure all the air is out of system?
Heater blowing hot air & rad hoses hot top & bottom.
g hampson

Bleeding all the air out is VERY important and is thought by many to be the cause of many HGFs. So have a look and follow this procedure.
Steve Ratledge

Job done as per the link, would say it was definately worthwhile, initially there was no water flow or even just bubbles from any of the bleed points.
Thanks again
g hampson

Might be worth while repeating the bleed procedure after a week or so, just to be sure that all the air has been bled out.

Also it is a good idea to check/clean the ball (jiggle) valves in the coolant circuit that are designed to bleed air off into the expansion tank. There are two - one to the right of the plenum, the other from the coolant rail.
Rob Bell

An associated question - what mechanism triggers the engine bay cooling fan to come on? Just come in from a 20 mile(ish) run. The H2O temp showing just below mid range, oil temp just over 90. Not too warm a day, yet the fan started, whilst doing around 20mph on the streets approaching home? This is "normal" for my car, but in light of my recent prob is it "strange" generally? The car a jap import but using a replaced ECU.
PS - is there an easy (cheap) way of stopping the fan sounding like a screeching cat?
g hampson

There is an engine bay temperature sensor located under the rear deck panel, and visible through the boot inspection grille, close to the water resevoir. This trips the fan into operation; it has no connection as such to water or oil temperature.

It's quite a warm day today, so to find it coming on after 20minutes (especially if you've been in traffic) is no particular surprise. :o)
Rob Bell

Again many thanks
g hampson

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