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MG MGF Technical - Bleeding Brakes

Merry Xmas,
thanks to everybody who has helped me with my queries over the year. the last one,the exhaust on the TF135,
I am helping my friend to disable the valve in the OS pipe, with the help of the information gained from the Web Sites referred to.
Here is one to round the year off.
I have an 'Ezy-bleed' with which I have bled and changed the rake fluid in many cars over the years, including making adapters in two instances.
For the F I bought from gunsons an 'Multi Purpose Cap'
The plate has two holes fitted with bolts and wing nuts connected to a strap which goes around under
the M/C.
It will not fit, for several reasons - the holes are too close together and th estrap will not go under the M/C due to the mounting arrangement.
the next thing I was going to try ws to buy anew M/C cap and drill it to take the 'Ezi-bleed' fitting.
I have not yet made an enquiry. but I would not be surprised to be told that the cap is not sold separrately.
Does anyone have any other ideas or solutions.
Eric Hayes

Eric, try drilling the existing top in the centre and put a metal (mag wheel type) tyre valve into it. Then use a bike pump to add a few pounds of air pressure.......but watch the level of the fluid!

Good luck..........David
d mottram

This thread was discussed between 19/12/2004 and 20/12/2004

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