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MG MGF Technical - bleeding mgtf

hi,me other half got a 2002 mgtf 1600,she loves it,maybe cause i bought it for her,,ha..problem is guys,ive changed the cooland pipes to ss,as others were trying like mad,pulling my hair out even on how to bleed the thing,ive located the 3 bleed nipples,,,they all undo,just when i fill the expansion tank up,it flows lovely thriough the radiator bleed nipple,expelling all air.just the other 2 nipples,nothing comes out vbat the heater is working wonderfully,temp gauge stays just under half,engine sounds sweet as anut,one cooland pipe gets warm,other dont,,,what am i doing wrong guys,if anything.....look forwards to your response,dont want the dreaDED HGF,,,,MANY THanks
peter arnold

You are probably not doing anything wrong. In this cold weather the F radiator (in good condition) can dissipate masses of heat and is probably why the return pipe is cool. Sometimes it helps to poke a bit of wire down the heater matrix bleed valve if it has got bunged up (e.g. if radseal may have been used in the past). But it sounds OK if it is good and hot, though still comforting to actually see water coming out. Did you raise the rear of the car?
The best protection against HGF is not to run low on coolant; so fit the B&G low level alarm and drive happily.

On occasions, just slackening off the bleed nipple is not enough. You may have to take the nipple out and make sure the hole is clear (in both the nipple and the pipe itself). Once this is done, it ALL should bleed well.

M T Boldry

thanks guys for the advice,just what is a b an g alarm,where do i get one,where does it go,and can a novice like i fit one,,thanks.
peter arnold

Hi Peter,
B and G is Browns and Gammons
the supplier of the MGF water level sensor kit. See info from Browns and Gammon website:

New Water Level Kit MG Rover Specialists, Brown & Gammons Ltd have sourced and manufactured, using OE spec components, the long-awaited and longed-for MGF & TF water level sensor kit.
Help prevent head gasket failure with the new MGF & TF Water level sensor Kit from Brown & Gammons Ltd.
The kit will alert the driver, either by buzzer or light, when the water level in the expansion tank drops. This will eliminate the possibility of driving the car with low water levels which is 9 times out of 10 the cause of the dreaded Head Gasket Failure.
The warning light fits easily and neatly into the dash.
Product Development Manager, Malcolm Gammons elaborates: I genuinely believe this is probably the most important after-market product any MGF or TF driver can fit to their car. Weve spent quite a few months developing and testing the kit until we were satisfied with the quality and effectiveness. The kit is simple to fit should owners wish to do it themselves, or alternatively we can fit them in our workshops. Head gasket failures are not cheap to repair and these kits offer a little bit of insurance and I am confident that these kits are going to be a real benefit and cost-saving to owners.
The kits are available exclusively from Brown & Gammons, part number BGF1111. To order contact the parts department on 01462 490049 or alternatively you can order online


Kit is designed to alert the driver by buzzer or light to low water level in the expansion tank (9 times out of 10 the cause of head gasket failure).

Part no: BGF1111
Price: 78.25 + 13.69 VAT = 91.94 (KIT)

Approx EUR price: 104.36
Approx USD price: $124.07

Sue Wilson

Hi Peter,
Forgot to mention, B & G also have a PDF download - MGF/TF Water Level Sensor Kit Fitting Instructions. Which may help you decide if you'd like to fit it yourself. Check it out on their website.
Sue Wilson

Reading through Peter's message again, he says only the radiator bleed is working. The heater bleed nipple could be blocked and Charles and Mark have said howto fix that. However no-one commented about the third bleed in the water pipe over the gearbox. Unlike the Heater bleed, it's not a nipple, but a screw and needs to be removed completely in order to get any air out. It's really important you check this one Peter - raising the rear of the vehicle is a good tip to encourage trapped air to rise to that point. I'm in Bournemouth if you want any help.

J Lennon

I'm just in the middle of rebuilding an MGF for my son .Put in new stainless pipes under car.Problem is I didn't do all the work myself and now don't know which flexible hose at the rear [engine] end of the metal pipes goes to which hose.Does the right side[drivers side ] metal pipe connect with hose coming from cylinder head and left side go to thermostat/water pump or vice versa? Two diagrams in workshop manual but each diagram contradicts the other! [Some other errors in manual also spotted]
CJ myerscough

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