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MG MGF Technical - bloody shoppers

iam sick of these shoppers opening the doors to their euroboxes into the 3quarter panel of my mgf.. and the best part of it you dont even catch the buggers doing it.. ive got 4 on the drivers side including 1 on the wing and 1 on the passenger side..
are dentmaster or a similar company good at getting these out, if so how much does it cost????

I had my F 'de-chipped- just after I bought it (about 4 1/2 years ago). I booked ChipsAway and the got DentDevils in to do the trolley dings.

Brilliant job; can't remember what I paid; also they are franchises and I presume standards can vary.

ChipsAway have a national web site that will direct you to your nearest franchisee - get in touch and see how they seem. My local franchise has a permanent workshop with full paint booth as well as doing the on-site visits.
John Ponting

just had a wing redone after a car park incident, chipsaway wanted 140 quid for the wing, dent and respray, and 100 for the bumper all plus vat, went to a local bodyshop 170 quid all in.

Also if you have a pearlescent type paint finish chipsaway cant do it with one of their mobile units, you need to goto their workshop and its a 2 day job, same as any bodyshop
Colin Ashworth

Alex, whereabouts in the midlands?

Steve Siddal at Dent Tech UK did a pretty good job for me on a nasty dent on my Mondeo. He's Coventry based but I don't know how far he travels out. I think he charges 45 per panel (but that was six months ago). Paint must be unbroken and dent no larger than a tennis ball. Tel. No. 02476 7647 3232.

R Thompson

Sorry correct Tel. No. is 02476 473232
R Thompson

Many thanks folks
will get some quotes..

Find two spaces together and park in the middle! I do it all the time.
Ewan Ramage

and NEVER park alongside a car with a child seat in the back, on the same side as the child seat!
mike roberts

lol thanks lads
tell you what i never park near people carriers and the furthest away at the very back of the car park . ar*eholes the lot of em... the f does not like car park dents....

I saw it today. A very large old Volvo estate manoeuvre into a small parking space. The passenger couldn't get out so he reversed up and scraped a concrete pillar. Driving forward carefully, watching the offending pillar over his shoulder, he whacked the car parked in front of him a very serious blow. It doesn't how or where you park, they'll get you.
Ken Waring

I find that even if you park at the very back of a car park where there are no other cars, they'll still park their sh*t box next to you "to keep you company". It happens almost every time!
Tony Todd

no pride in what they drive non of them...


You drive to Tesco, you park far away from the entrance as possible, and find a complete empty row, in fact 2 rows ! as you are so far from the entrance.

You go in get bread, milk, ham, lettuce and cheese, get bus back to the space, as you were so far away, and when you arrive the 2 rows are still empty except for you and someone who's managed to park right beside you despite multiple empty rows !

Why !!

Its incredible !



""""Ewan Ramage, Lothian, United Kingdom
Find two spaces together and park in the middle! I do it all the time. """

Aye thats why Jack canae get his leky buggy parked at aldIs and hustae sit on the pavement at naveed's shop.
It might be the 'fifurs' way, as taught by the 'LOTHYBODERURS' but its not oor way. Is that how you got the 'sam murray lifetime polish' award up the 'deen'????

Yur motturs marked ,big man, take the bus......
VictoR . O.A.P. and barrd (fae the clansman).

Is he cross?

i have the perfect solution after my wing was pranged 2 years ago (still waiting for police to take a look at cttv lol) now shop at with f on my drive try and park alongside me now.
d l brown

Yup got one in my drivers door the other day, I've started parking over two parkings at Tesco, Morrisons or Asda. Get some dirty looks from passers by about how crap my parking is but at least it keeps the numpties away, until you get a clown in a smart car parking in the half space on either side :)

>Why !!
>Its incredible !

Whats worse is that the reason why those people do that is because they are afraid of parking closer to the store and they need something to 'line their cars up against', ie they cannot see as far as the white lines on the ground!

>until you get a clown in a smart car parking in the half space on either side

Doesn't work in a smart, cos they're wide, but in the midget I can squeeze in next to a car parked on a diagonal (only do this if they are close to the entrance thou)
Will Munns

i hate em .. i keep my car immaculate .. and there are these horrible marks on it and they are all from idiots who dont give a toss .. the other 1 i forgot to tell you about is the scratch on the windscreen piller caused by the wind catching someones 4x4 door and smashing in to it!!!!

>Why !!
>Its incredible !

Pack instinct is still strong in some ......
Colin Ashworth

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