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MG MGF Technical - blueflame backbox

I know this has been covered before but i've just been looking in the achive but can't find my answer.

I bought a blueflame backbox and de-cart system 2 weeks ago but i'm not getting the sound i had wished for buying it, and it getting to me now....

It sound exactly as the original, the only difference is the small increase in torqe, nothing else. I have modify my air filter but not changed it yet.

Is there something more i need to do for it to sound spotty?????????
Charles Johnson

Sorry , I can't help myself on this one,
"Is there something more i need to do for it to sound spotty"
try wearing your baseball cap sideways LOL

M :-)

If a Blueflame and de-cat sounds like the original, then goodness knows what condition your standard system was in? I'd at least expect to find an increase in noise, and it should sound 'rortier' - if it doesn't then I wonder what the problem is?

For serious noise, then there's nothing that will beat a Trevor Taylor system - but Milltek, Mike Satur and Phoenix all offer sporty sounding systems (of differing character from the high-pitch to the low-pitch rumble) for similar money...

Might be worth meeting up with other local owners to see whether what you have is what you should be expecting...
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob for your input. My previous system was in good condition, I just thought i will treat myself to some minor mod on the car to give it a nice roaring.

I was hoping that some one here has done the same, and could give advice and info into the product.

I should have gone for daytona system, I'm regreting all this hassel.
Charles Johnson

I've not tried a blueflame system - but they certainly look well made. I've not heard it though - perhaps it has a particularly effective silencer? Over time it will get noisier, but I appreciate that wasn't what you were after!

Have you looked through this site's archives? I am sure that there have been those who've tried this system before...
Rob Bell

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