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MG MGF Technical - bodywork bump. advice please

I had an unfortunate meeting with a steel bike stand in a rainy car park while reversing in my 03 plate TF 160.

The stand cracked and slightly crushed the rear bumber up to the TF badge. Slight damage is to the left side bumber/lower spoiler and to the narrow strip under the boot lid (where the badge is located)

Before diving into the dealer sharks can anyone suggest if this is an easy repair, where best to get parts and how much it could all cost.

Many thanks in advance and yes, I am a clot:)


Jamie, reading your post was like deja vu for me as I did almost exactly the same thing last year. I hit a railing which I cracked my rear bumper and put a small dent in the panel exactly where the 160 badge was. Somehow the badge itself was unmarked and I re-used it. I got a used bumper from the MGF Centre and had that then the dent repaired at a local bodyshop. Its not too difficult to repair as they can paint the whole of that small panel under the boot lid quite easily, and without needing to blend it in to the surrounding panels. IIRC the whole repairs costs less than 250, inc a new 'TF' badge as this didn't survive the incident.
Steve W

Many thanks Steve, I'll make some inquiries along those lines. Damn expensive parking ticket though!


Try Autoplastics on 01462 436683 or

Ask for Mike he quotes 70.00 for replacement bumpers, he will also spray to match.

They are in Hitchin, Hertfordshire though.

Let us know how you get on.

Adrian Clifford

Hi Jamie,

There's a rear bumper on ebay which might do the trick.

Sam Murray

Many thanks for the useful suggestions. I'll make some enquiries based on those and see which one looks easiest and most economical.

All the best

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