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MG MGF Technical - Boot load

While I wait for my car to have its HGF fixed, I got to thinking about taking it for a trip across the sea to France. With Christmas coming up, I thought this would be the ideal oppotunity to grab a few bottles of wines and have a trip out.
I noticed the boot on the F looks like a good size for holding crates of Stella, but I'm concerned about the weight, the manual says 30KG is the load limit as I risk dazzling other drivers, does this mean I can happily carry more than 30 KGs? I seem to remember in a previous post someone suggested 25Kg was the maximum load.
Also I thinking a full tank of petrol must be 50KG ish, so running on half tanks would give me another 25KG to play with???
Any thoughts/suggestions.



Remove spare wheel from front and fill up the resulting space with more bottles thus lowering the front and balancing the weight in the rear, although you must ensure that the bottles weigh more than the wheel in the first place.
Chris Catchpole

The other thing to take into consideration is the Hydragas suspension.

The fluid filled system is linked front to rear, this means that if you fill the boot with heavy items, then the rear suspension is compressed, resulting in a transfer of fluid to the front, extending the suspension here - effectively making the headlight alignment problem worse. The rear goes down, the front comes up.

Chris' suggestion is very valid and will go a long way towards evening this out.

Scarlet Fever

Also pull the seats forward a tad a few more cartons can easily be slotted in there.

Thanks for your comments so far.

So is it just purely an issue with the headlights dazzling, which I can try and balance the weight out to help cure?
I'm not going to knacker the suspension by loading up the car?

Many Thanks

>>So is it just purely an issue with the headlights dazzling, which I can try and balance the weight out to help cure? <<
There may also be an issue with the weight being at the extreme rear of the car. I would imagine that the 30Kg limit is no problem and I personally wouldn't worry too much if it hit 50Kg (assuming it doesn't slide around). 50Kg represents only about 7percent additional load at the rear - it's just all behind the wheels.
Try before you go !

Easily put 75-90kg in the passenger footwell and on passenger seat assuming you havent got one!

Thats a lot of grog !!


Thanks for that Stu. I think my wife will want to come to so that probably rules out the passenger side of the car.
Maybe there would be a benefit in putting my wife in the boot and the beer in the passenger side of the car? te he.

I thought 25kg was the limit on the boot rack, not in the boot. 30kg is only about two boxes of A4 copier paper.

Bruce Caldwell

We came back from France with a lot of champaine bottles on the floor of the passenger well. Each layer seperated by a large towel.

You can get a couple of crates on the foor with the wife's feet happly on top.


Travel during daylight - no dazzle problems at all! :-)

Just had a quick browse on RAVE:

1.8 VVC & Trophy, Weight 1090 kg (1110 kg with hardtop), Maximum Gross Weight 1320 kg. Not very clear if this is dry or wet or how wet.

so maximum 230 kg for driver, passenger, luggage and possibly a tank of fuel.

I know how much I weigh (but not telling), my wife is very light so I have a spare load capacity of about 50 kg. That would be reduced by 20 kg if I fitted the hardtop.

Take a few clothes and the wife's hairdryer and I could bring back about 35 kg of wine - can anybody translate that into bottles?

About 14Kg for a case of 12 including some packing.
So only about 2 (maybe 3) cases - doesn't sound right !
How much does a Civic Type R carry again ? :-)

Came back 2-up from France on the bike once - when I got home the panniers weighed 16 kg each and the top box an amazing 23 kg.

The bike felt a bit squirrely but still carried more than the F.

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