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MG MGF Technical - Boot Open warning light always on

I've just got an MGF Mk II. I noticed on the way back from the garage when ever I drove over a rough surface the boot warning light would flicker. After I went over a some what larger bumb the warning light decided to remain permenantly on and the radio turned itself off. Now the warning light is always on the radio does not work and neither do any of the interior lights! Before I take it back to the garage does anybody have any ideas on how I might fix it (if simple!)


I don't think the MGF has a boot warning light. Are you sure it's not something else?
Spyros Papageorghiou

The light thats on is the on that depicts a picture of a car with the boot lid (back). The light is red and situated in the centre of the dash at the top of verticle warning lights between the speedo and rev counter. I've just found that the interior light fuse has gone. So my question should be what turns that warning light on and why would it blow the fuse for the interior lights and radio.


Hi Praveen
I havent got the light you describe on my F an R reg 1.8, but according to my manual the warning light (red) at the top of the row depicts a steering wheel with 2 hands at the side and this is to do with a power steering fault, sorry I cant help but I am sure someone will be along soon who can.
Best Regards

"I've just got an MGF Mk II"

The Mk I doesn't have a boot warning light.

Dieter's home page has wiring diagrams.

Can somebody post the address ?
Jon Baker

Freaky! Just had the same problem myself, minus the boot open warning light. Check out the Blowing Fuse thread in the MGF General section.

To summarise here, the problem turned out to be short between the interior boot light and the body. This blew the fuse for the radio, interior lights and clock. Also affected the alarm.

I always think electrical faults are a major pain in diagnosing, and I spent an afternoon trying to track it down with no success, and I'm normally confident when it comes to electrics. Paying an autoelectrician or getting a garage to do it is the cost-effective solution, IMO.


Well, you are right newer models do have a warning light for the boot, my mistake.

This light is fed directly from the boot's lamp switch which I believe is inside the boot lock. So, my guess would be that the short is at the boot hinge, where the wiring loom enters the boot lid. The wires there bend every time you open/close the boot and some people have had problems with them. It easy to check as they are visible when you open the boot.

Spyros Papageorghiou

To complicate things further. I replaced the fuse and (even though the boot light was permenantly on), the radio and lights started to work again and the boot light turned itself off. Then this evening I fitted a new radio and while inserting the new unit the fuse blew again and the noot lid light came on! I've also noticed that the courtesy light in the glove compartment does not work. The garage is going to love me!


Check the connection to the boot light isnt shorting out - look by the bulb to see if any connectors are bent and touching the bodywork etc

Never seen the light myself, but I hardly ever sit in the car with the ignition on and the boot open due to the key arrangement, also I have a MK1 :-).

As fitting a new radio caused it to blow again maybe you have a short in the radio power supply wire, worth checking the wiring to see if a wire is damaged.

Tony Smith

The boot light is not so strange, consider
= Fuse
8 Light!
!---> sensor
/ Switch

So if the switch is closed (boot open) then the sensor will be pulled down to ground
If the switch is open (boot closed) then the sensor will be pulled high by the light power supply.
So... if the fuse fails then the sensor is left floating, this means that it could read boot open or closed depending on how many beats of a buterflys wings in the amazon.


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