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MG MGF Technical - Boot spoiler knackerd

Wonder if anyone can help?
Our F 1998 had a boot spoiler on the back until my local spray shop took it off and it snapped in half!!!
He is having difficulty finding an identical one (which fits the securing holes) as its not the original RMG one fitted?
Does anyone know of any after market suppliers of MGF boot spoilers?
Ours is the one with the stantions not flush to the end of the boot panel but more of about 3 or 4 inches inside.
Any help would be most kind as she looks a bit bear now with out it!
Tony Thomas

Hi Tony,

I would say to check the usual suspects first.

Try these, Brown & Gammons.

Hopefully you should find the one you need.

Good luck,


Personally I would order a Tropgy boot spoiler from MS charged to your local body shop and as they made the mistake I would put the onus on them to fill any holes / do any repairs on the bootlid , fit the new spoiler and paint both. They bodged the job - its up to them to make the job a good 'un now.
D Jamieson

Have you got any pictures of the boot lid spoiler you had on your car? There are a number of different spoilers on the market, the majority are listed on Erik's excellent site -

The ones available in the UK can be found here:

Good luck and happy hunting.
Rob Bell

Try this.

Maybe what you are after.


Like Branko said, Ebay. I purchased a Trophy front splitter from the above company and it was very well made ( a lot cheaper than most other companies )

This thread was discussed on 03/03/2006

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