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MG MGF Technical - Bootlid gremlins

I have a couple of electrical problems both fitted to the boot lid.

1, the courtesy light fitted to the boot lid doesn't work . I have checked the bulb and it is fine. I can't fid the switch for this to check there can some one please tell me where it is.

2 The high level brake light doesn't work. I have checked the bulbs and all are Ok. Any ideas?

I downloaded a manual (from the site recomended a week or so back on this forum) but there is a distict lack of electrical diagrams are there any available ?

thanks for any help

R Allan

hi if u check the fuses under the steering wheel it could be that. or a split in the wire at at the back with the boot lid. connections..

it happend to mine i checked the wiring it had split in it
darren jeffery

Difficult without knowing the year of your car however the lamp is switched thru contacts in the boot catch and the brake light has its own dedicated feed and earth return. It looks like you have the typical broken wires where the harness flexes at the LH boot hinge. The harness here has a split corrugated sleeve wrapped in Teflon Tape. Carefully unwrap the tape to examine the wires.
The MGR CD has all the required wiring diagrams.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing


I suspect that you visited a French site that does not have everything.

Are you attending the Highlander this year? Do you visit the CSMG meetings at Stirlind and/or any of their runs?

Email your postal address to jponting AT globalnet DOT co DOT uk and I can help you out with leccie diags and point at full manual set at you.

John Ponting


This thread was discussed on 21/03/2005

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