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MG MGF Technical - Brake Bleeding Problems

Hello MGF People!
I have installed a pair of MGF rear calipers on my non-MGF. It is a 1955 MGZA Magnette with Twin-cam hubs and MGB front calipers. I have tried bleeding conventionally, with a Mity-vac and also with an Eezibleed with terrible results, ending up with literally no pedal. The car has a brand new MGA 7/8" master with the residual pressure valve removed. It previously had the MGB calipers on the front and braked (and bled) very well. Since adding the MGF calipers on the rear it has gone to pot. I am certain that there is no air in the system. My question is, Is there any quirk to the MGF calipers that I should be aware of to get better results? Any help will be appreciated!

Rich McKIe

Hi Rich,
if I understand you correctly you also use the handbrake action of the MGF rear brakes ? This function is a bit tricky and can give all kind of brake-problems if not done right.
Allways screw in the piston into the caliper as far as it will go using any flat tool that will fit into the piston recess. Do NOT move the handbrake lever at the brakes when installing.When everything is in place get 2-3 notches on the handbrake,press the pedal HARD several times.This will settle the handbrake .If needed do another bleeding to be sure all air is out.
After this everything should be fine if there is no other problem as rubber hooses etc. Good luck !/ Carl
Carl Blom

Also, make sure that that raised notch on the pads goes into the "valley" between the raised parts of the piston. If the notch sits on one of the high bits the pad will not be pressed flat against the disc.
David Clelland

Thanks for the tips. I had caught on to the pins on the back of the pads so no problems there. I found that the problem was with the master cylinder, and have managed to get it sorted out. The brakes now work as they should. I will get the pads bedded in then give it another bleed for good measure.
Thanks again for the help!


Rich McKIe

This thread was discussed on 25/05/2008

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