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MG MGF Technical - Brake Caliper Piston

I was servicing my MGF VVC on the weekend and attempted to change the brake pads on the car.

After placing the new pads on I attempted to depress the caliper piston so the caliper would fit over the new pads. Unfortunately (due to my lack of a special tool that the manual recommends or another suitable improvised device) I couldn't make the piston move.

Can anyone suggest to this inexperienced home mechanic how I might get around this problem of depressing the caliper piston to fit over new pads?
J. F. Best

If it is the rear, you need to wind the piston clockwise to screw it into its rear-most position. Use a pair of pointy pliers or buy a tool at Repco etal. (very cheap) If it is the front then you need to push it back into the bore with either your thumbs or a G clamp or a special pusher which can also be purchased very cheaply at any Repco or the like store.

Good Luck

PS make sure that there is plenty of space in the master cylinder for the returned fluid.........should be unless you have topped up recently
d mottram

Thanks very much for that advice. I will try it next chance I get.
J. F. Best

This thread was discussed on 19/04/2004

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