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MG MGF Technical - Brake Disc Quickie

Hi Guys

I have been thinking about upgrading my front disks, and am torn between Mike Satur's 280 Big Brake Kit (GBP195+vat+del), and his drilled and grooved discs (GBP130+vat+del). From reading the archive I understand the 280mm kit seems to be the dogs, but does anyone know of any direct comparisons between the two ? I would put myself down as a fast road user/very occasional track use.

I have a 98 VVC with K&N


J Newman


Although Scarlet has had a chequered history regarding brake upgrades, this is a direct comparision i have not experienced.

The current spec of Scarlet is as follows:

Mike Satur 280mm discs and 4 pot calipers - front
Mike Satur drilled and grooved discs - rear

So despite the fact that i have both items, i have them together and therefore cannot compare the two. I will say that the current spec is by far the best i have experienced on Scarlet and is at least on a par with, if not better than the standard MG 4 pots (plus IMO they look better too!) ;-)

I have driven Mike's charcoal demonstrator with the 280mm big brake conversion (standard calipers) and found them to also be very good. IMO they are better than the EBC Turbo grooved discs, but not by a huge margin.

Also, pad material plays a major part in the effectiveness of the brakes. EBC Greenstuff is (generaly) regarded as a pretty good substitute with better stopping power, less brake fade and significantly less brake dust. The ultimate IMO are Mintex 1177 (if you can get hold of them), even on standard discs they make a major difference, to the extent that they aren't far away from the 4 pots.

Scarlet Fever

Ask Dr Bell. His set-up is superb and still uses the original calipers with MGR Sport grooved discs and Mintex 1177 pads.

Mikes kits are superb if you are keeping the 15" wheels and/or the 16" but if you are thinking of up-grading to 16" trophies you might want to consider the AP calipers and brakes off the trophy, give Victoria a call for out-rageous prices 01902 403045. for wheels tyres and brake kits.

I'm considering up-grading later in the year. At the mo I have 16" wheels but quite fancy putting track day tyres on the old 15" so will almost certainly go for Hispec 285 callipers and discs with Mintex pads.
tim woolcott

Got a summary of various MGF brake options at

Given the option of Mike's 4 pot caliper and big brake option, and the 280 mm discs on their own, I'd *definitely* go for the calipers AND discs - that way you realise the full benefits of fitting that big brake rotor.

I think that the AP racing 304mm disc option is very attractive - not least because it is standard fitment on Trophy160 and TF160. The trouble is that you'd have to fit these car's 11-spoke wheels. I reckon the Victoria at the MGF centre would do you a very good deal on these, but you may find the Mike Satur rather cheaper.
Rob Bell

Where is this MGF centre I keep seeing posted on here anyway?
Leigh Reid

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Dieter K.

Thanks for all the advice guys. I have the standard 15" VVC alloys and will be looking for pads and disks. Will see if I can get the 280's, buy money is the deciding factor (boo hoo).

Thanks again - Jeff
J Newman

scroll to top of this site and click on the RH banner ;)

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R Goodman

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Leigh Reid

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