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MG MGF Technical - Brake Fluid Bleed

Am planning on replacing the brake fluid this weekend as has been over 2.5 years since was last done!
Anybody got any idea as to the volume required as I don't want to buy more than necessary?
Any hints as well would be usefull!


R Baker

Rich, just had a browse through the workshop manual - can't find any mention of the capacity of the brake system, sorry.

Hmm, having checked the brake wear indices, I reckon my discs need replacing! Will check at the weekend. :o/
Rob Bell

Rear disc's on mine are being replaced too (corrosion and running a little thin) thought I would replace the fluid at the same time, have ordered 1/2 litre of the AP race stuff and just wanted to make sure it was enough!
R Baker


If you are doing the job yourself one of those
easi-bleed kits makes life so much easier.

They are the things that connect to the master
cylinder of the brake system and force brake
fluid in using the pressure from the spare


Paul Waine

or get a piece of rubber tube, seal one end, cut a slit about 1 cm long along the length of the pipe near the seal, then use this in a container to blead the brakes.

Will Munns

Can you expand a little on a your proposal, its Fri afternoon and am not so quick on the uptake!


R Baker

attach the tube (open end) to the blead nipple, open blead nipple and push brake, fluid fills tubs and puaseh split open, fluid flows out, take foot of pedal, negative pressure in the line pulls the slit closed and no air gets back into the system.

Will Munns

We like it!

R Baker

Or put a piece of tube on the nipple and the other end in a bottle or jar with brake fluid in it - making sure that the end of the tube is submerged - and proceed as per Wills instructions, air bubbles out and can not be sucked back, this method allows you to see if there is any air being ejected.

BTW this was the method taught to us at apprentice school.

Ted Newman

Yep, a clear tube helps, problem with the unassisted method is the risk of pulling fluid back, but this can be avoided by only very slowly releasing the pedel or by having someone opening and closing the nipple for you- things get a lot easier if you have a second person.

Take care not to run out of fluid, only two or three strokes before topping back up again.
Will Munns

If your changing the lot I'd get a litre, as once drained it can take some effort to get all the air out succesfully.

Also when pumping the pedal don't take the pedal fully to the carpet, else you risk over extending the master cylinder, which causes the seals to flick around inside and the only remedy is either to strip the master cylinder or replace it.

This thread was discussed on 14/03/2003

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