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MG MGF Technical - Brake fluid change?

The pedal brake on my F -97 MPI with ABS, with 30ks only- feels somewhat spongy. I can not recall ever changing brake fluid, just adding some a few times. Could that be the cause?
Allistair Millard-Byrnes

Periodic brake fluid changes are recommended to eliminate the water that is absorbed by brake fluid over time. The water causes corrosion in the components and can also cause the fluid to boil under heavy braking. It doesn't usually cause a spongy pedal which is more likely to be a master cylinder fault - unless you have had recent work on the system and it hasn't been bled properly.

C Linn

The colour of the fluid is likely to have darkened if it hasn't been replaced from new.

If it hasn't been done I would question whether some of the other service points have been missed as well - cambelt and grease nipples?


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