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MG MGF Technical - Brake fluid - every 2 yrs ??.. maybe

Always thought the 2 yr change of brake fuild was a bit over the top. However for the yr 4 service decided I would do it as its piss easy. I was quite amazed to find a few 'lemonade' type bubbles and the occasional large bubble coming through the bleed tube. Having driven it, it certainly feels a bit more positive ( harder ) peddle. So purhaps its not just a 'cash in' service extra, although it would still sail the MOT so not essential. As someone who serviced myself from new I might just do the 2 yr brake bit now.

Still leaving the coolant to yr 5

I also finally hooked up the K&N pipes under the car with a coat hanger bent up around the sub-frame. After 2 yrs having to constantly bend the tubes every so often - it does seem sweeter, but I cannot think you'd notice the cold air feed giving any noticeable difference ?


Hi Bob,
it is not uncommon to se air-bubbles pass by in the bleed tube. One reason is that if the bleed nipple is opend loose there is some air sucked backwards into the bleedtube past the nipple windings (ejector principle)! A small dab of grease around the seating of the bleeder nipple usually cures that and only fluid will (hopefully!) be seen . Some cars are pigs regarding this and one can use hughe amounts of fresh brake-fluid thru the system and still detect bubbles if the nipple ainīt air tight.After the job is finished the grease should be wiped away and the protective rubber hat pushed on. (Stop laughing ! I know I should have re-prased that one ..)

Regards , Carl

This thread was discussed on 07/05/2002

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