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MG MGF Technical - Brake Fluid Expansion tank / Master brake cylinder


got a call from someone in AT due to needs for a brake fluid expansion tank. (Accident related damage)

Can someone point me on how to get the plastic tank off from the brake master cylinder without damages ? and how much is the part including cap.

On the other hand I'd be interested to know about part number and price for the whole assy as shown above.

Dieter K.

Dieter from memory if its like any other master cylinder tank its a simple push fit. It will be very tight but a little "gentle" persuasion will free it.
D Jamieson

Dave, many thanks for the hint. The tank connections rest in rubber sills. I just pulled like mad and got it off.

PS pic to follow as usual ;)
Dieter K.

.. and how much can I ask for this second hand tank including the cap ?
Dieter K.

>> how much can I ask for this second hand tank including the cap ? <<

Don't know - say about 5 quid? Or a couple of jars of your favourite tipple?
Rob Bell

Thank you. New tank including cap is 35 EURO said his dealer. Voluntarily he payed 30 EURO including shipment. *On the way to Austria already*

Anyone asking for a perfect spare master brake cylinder now ?
Dieter K.

This thread was discussed between 09/03/2003 and 10/03/2003

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