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MG MGF Technical - Brake light problems

One of the rear set of lights, is not working indicator work when engine off, but not when on??? Also noticed the fog lights are starting to light up a bit on the dash when engine on..even though the switch is off??? any advise???
l martin

I would guess you've got a bad earth somewhere - or a short behind the dashboard. Not usually an easy thing to diagnose. May be worth you talking to a professional auto-electrician.
Rob Bell

Hi I, which Island? - we are going to Guernsey in a few weeks and maybe I should know who I am waving at!

Hi - Yes it was an earth problem, got the indicator working now and the dash seems ok...... But now have the brake lights on permanently !!! looks like Im off to the garage!

Ps Im in Jersey, the sunny island.

l martin

Whoa. Dont go to the garage just yet. My brakelights were doing that little trick aswell. Make sure there is no freeplay on the brake pedal, and then check the little actuator under the pedal. Its a crappy plastic thing that tends to stick. I took mine apart cleaned it and its been right as rain since. If its buggered you can buy a metal replacement of thieveBay.

Hi, you probably need to reset the switch - do a search and you should find some nice easy instructions about giving it a twist and a good yank!

"Ps Im in Jersey, the sunny island" - we did that last Sept and it was lovely, stayed at the La Place and pi$$ed off all the locals getting lost in our weedy hire Punto!! TF in Guernsey this time so hopeing the weather will be as good.

Cheers guys, I will check the pedal as suggested, I have noticed that if i lift the pedal slightly the brake lights go could well be the fix!!!

Ps...Enjoy Guernsey, and if you thought the roads in Jersey were narrow, then wait till you get to some places you have the right to drive alone the pavement !!!

Thanks again.
l martin

Further update, dismantled the actualor and refitted - works brakes working, indicators working, just as they should be - many thanks again.
l martin

Yikes!!!....just as well we are not taking the SAAB Estate then LOL

When I was last in Guernsey I had the use of an MG midget at 5'wide it just fitted eveywhere!.
Andrew Regens

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