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MG MGF Technical - brake light switch

am i being stupid here !!!! read the archives for the brake light switch as mine a sticking on.. found the info , have had a good feel round the brake pedal, i cant find the damn thing.... what am i doing wrong????

Don't know
Try going back to the car and feeling behind the brake pedal, somewhere there you will find some wires, follow these to find the hidden treasure.

Will Munns

<hidden treasure>


The switch is mounted quite high up, took me a while to find it too the first time.


The first time I tried to find it, I had to get on my back under the steering wheel and look up behind (in front!)the pedals with a torch!
Subsequent times I habe found it much easier to locate the switch!
Jason H
Jason H

It's there somewhere Rich. Like Jason says - upside down, head first, under the steering wheel, head in the footwell, look up, follow wires. Cannot see it? Back out, get a torch, start all over again.

Use a torch and mirror and save your back. A big mirror.

Bruce Caldwell

i've found the switch pulled the ratchet out till it clicked. Replaced and still the lights are on.
The plunger still looks about 1/8" too short, if i lift the brake pedal up the lights go out. I just cant seem to get that length.

Any ideas?



Sorry for bumping but i need an answer before i buy the new switch!!

Many thx


I never (almost) buy parts before I know the true cause.
You need to pull the plunger until you see the small gap at the plunger.
If it then still looks to short, then probabbly the whole bracket is bent.

Anyway, all info you need is at

Dieter K.


i get the same distance as ur JPEG, so my bracket is bent?
So what the hell do i do?

A worried Darce

Till it clicked?
it should extend by about an inch (or 2.5 cm)
if it didn't then you arnt pulling hard enough!

Will Munns


my switch looks the same as Dieter's pic.
Dont think it'll go any further or will it?

The moving shaft is about an inch in the picture, is yours? if so then I think your right.
Try getting a mate to stand behind the car and then attach the button and see how far you have to push for the lights to go off.
You did depress the pedal when putting the switch back in didn't you?
And you haven't lifted the brake pedal (at least untill after you saw it wasn't working?)

Will Munns


<see how far you have to push for the lights to go off>
Manipulating the switch by hand it works ok, but put into the bracket the plunger doesn't quite reach the brake pedal.....i'm off to Caffyn's to see what they say (prob say :about 100!!)
i'll let u know.


Mine went that way too - answer glue a small cap on the top of the plunger - you can normally find something lying around that will do!

Been perfect now for about six years and a lot cheaper than a new switch.

Ted Newman

The older original switch is a doddle to get at and fit compared to the later screwin type IMO.

I bought a new type and decided to reuse the old type. Followed BBS advice and no further problems. Am keeping the 'extend the shaft' solution for if it goes again (fnar fnar).

Ted, got it right!!
thats exactly what the garage did, couldn't explain why it didn't work so glued a cap on.FOC too!!

Thanks everyone for your input.


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