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MG MGF Technical - brake lights

brake lights staying on permantely,any advice please?p.s just had HGF four days ago
V132 GBL

Hi Paul - quite common, probably the brake light switch behind the brake pedal. Gets stuck, needs removing, extending, putting back (but needs to be done the right way & I'm not sure what that is). Many entries in archive if you search for things like sticking brake light switch etc etc

Otherwise Will Munns may point to the right link for full details when he gets to work and fins the BBS :-)
JohnP @home

Stick your head upside down into the drivers foorwell, at the top end of the brake pedal assembly there is a light grey plastic cylinder switch. You may meed an adjustable spanner, twist the plastic cylinder a quarter turn to release it for its support braket. Once release use a pair of piers to give the plunger on the top of the cylinder a quick tug. It'll make rough ratchet type noise and will extend. Now wrap yourself back under the dash and twist the switch back into its bracket... Job done.... Then see osteopath to fix back..

PS a light is very useful.

tim woolcott

Do everything Tim says, but don't use the tools, you will know when the ratchet frees, the switch will extend by about an inch.
When you put it back, press the brake pedal whilst you do it, then release the pedal and you will hear the ratcher adjusting back up - DO NOT lift the brake pedal past the point where the spring pulls it, or you will have to do the job again.

>Otherwise Will Munns may point to the right link for full details when he gets to work and
>fins the BBS :-)

I don't know what you mean ;-)
Will Munns

Will I guess if I'd put "... finds the BBS ..." it might have made more sense but I fully expected you to read between the spelling mistakes - as you usually write between them yourself.

Really I knew that you were the person with the answer - you helped me with the same problem 12 months ago just after I bought my F and I knew you would help Paul.

?? midget nearing completion ??
JohnP @home

I was questioning your "when he gets to work" like I have an addiction or something....

>?? Midget nearing completion ??
<cough> errm keep finding new bits of rust, have brought some new tools and some kick ar*e rust killer, money should arrive by the end of the month to pay for some better brakes, then k- series fever will really kick in {:-o
Had a good look at the K midget at the show, but am well aware that mine won't look a bit like it...

Will Munns

Before you check the switch check the oil level in the break oil-box. Probably you only need too refill this - thatís why the light is blinking when you hit the foot breaker.
Please notice me if you sole the problem.
Magnus Wallin from Sweden

Magnus, I think you mean the light on the dash, and I think he means the lights on the rear of the car,
To be honest I hadn't even thought this might be what he means, but if he does then I guess you mean brake fluid rather than oil?

Will Munns

yes sorry rear lights

This thread was discussed on 17/02/2003

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