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MG MGF Technical - Brake Master Cylinder Prices?

Last year the poor old MGF wouldn't go due to that classic loose camshaft pulley problem (fixed by those good guys at Tech-Speed). Many thanks to all those that helped me then.
This year it goes very well but now refuses to stop!
Seems to be a brake master cylinder failure. My local dealer has quoted a price of 180 (+ VAT ?) for the part only (I will fit myself). Is that correct? It sounds a bit steep.
I know these are a safety-critical component but is there a repair kit available anywhere?

One observation. The brake fluid level dropped over a few journeys before the master cylinder gave up the ghost. There are no leaks evident at any of the calipers so I assume the fluid now lies in a puddle at the bottom of the servo unit. Is that possible?

Thanks, Tony.
Tony Rawlinson


There are a couple on E-bay now (new).

I got same last year off E-bay, again boxed and new, IIRC about 15-20!! :0)


Many thanks Mark. I'll go E-bay shopping right away.
Tony Rawlinson

Next question.
The item available on E-bay looks identical to that fitted to my MGF but is described as not suitable for vehicles with ABS systems. My car is fitted with ABS.
Does anyone know the difference in the master cylinders for ABS and non-ABS systems?
I am inclined to take a chance on the one up for grabs now.
Tony Rawlinson


The one I got was a Direct fit(my F has ABS), but TBH dont remmember if it said on the add if it was for ABS cars or not.

Shame realy 20 is dam cheap!.

SJC10005 brake master cylinder for non ABS,
got installed until VIN AD000505

The later SJC10007 replaced the old for all versions with or without ABS
Followed by SJC000040 since YD525454 until 5D639633.
Newest TF have SJC000150 installed from 5D639634 onwards.

SJJ100240 is the repair kit for all since SJC10007
and SJJ100250 is the very old repair kit until VIN AD000505
Notice, the repair kits are app 40 quid also.

Me daubts it will be a good idea to taking the risk with an early cylinder to ABS cars. No idea about the difference. The seals and fluid level cap are different in any way.


Thanks Dieter, a very detailed response as usual.
The part numbers for repair kits may prove to be very useful. I shall ask my dealer about these.
Also, thanks again to Mark.
Tony Rawlinson

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