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MG MGF Technical - brake pad renewal

hi does anyone know the procedure for changing the front and rear brake pads on a mgf 1.8i year 2001, i'm getting a bit of scraping so i reckon its time i changed them. many thanks
s hardy

Rob Bell's website should tell you everything you need to know:

Ian Matheson

If you are getting "a bit scraping" then it may have gone 'metal to metal'.
If that is the case then you will be needing to do a bit more than just change the brake pads. The discs may need machining as well.

Check it out when you inspect the pad wear and the surface of the disc's.


Good thought there from Branko.

Some Fs still have the spring steel strip on the rear pads which become very noisy wear indicators. Hopefully it is this but DO check the pads anyway.
John Ponting

thanks all for your help, rob bell's description seems easy enough to follow thanks for that ian, just need a dry day now, i wait in hope.
s hardy

>> just need a dry day now <<

LOL -could be a long wait - I've been waiting for one of these days in order to replace the rear screen in my softtop for absolutely ages!
Rob Bell

If you are experimenting with fitting non OEM pads, be careful. I run EBC green stuff on the front with ultra aggresive Mintex 1177s on the rear to move the braking bias to the rear. Never had a rear brake lock up either!

Your car probably has ABS so it wont be so prone to the lock up that the non ABS is afflicted with.


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