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MG MGF Technical - Brake pads

I've just been searching the archives for brake pad info. but there is nothing much since year 2000. The former Rover dealer has just quoted me 130 (parts only) for a set of front pads, Halfords say that they don't stock them, and an independent has quoted me 35. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
John Sheldon

post Y2k use number i.e. TF135->135
Will Munns

For 50 or so you can get EBC green stuff pads - better braking and less brake dust.

or may be try the following for 'original' fitments

and don't forget the main F Register site for more details

Keith Williams

Hi John,

From the feedback you've had, I'm suspecting you have the red AP Racing calipers? If so, Mike Satur has a good range of options, or for the best price on EBC & Mintex then try JRT Automotive -

Mike Hankin

I need front pads and discs for my 98 MGF VVC MK1 which has the standard 15" rims.

I was wondering if Mike Saturs Big Brake Kit fitted straight on without any mods and if it is in fact worth it?

I am also considering just keeping to standard size discs and getting some Greenstuff pads. Does anyone recommend any discs to go with these, or does it matter?

So which option is better? Bigger discs or Greenstuff?

Any help from those in the know would be appreciated!

Nick Atkins

Bigger Discs or Greenstuff on standard, anyone?

Nick Atkins

I hope this is still relevant, it's been a week since your post. I'm using a grooved standard size discs (non EBC) and EBC pads on my 96 MPi, they seem to work pretty well, offering improved performance over standard. And it's a relatively cheap upgrade, particularly if your brakes need changing anyway. I wouldn't bother going to larger discs on the basis of current and future costs. But I'm not a purist and want maximum performance for my money.

Good luck, Russ.
Russ D Mellor

My 99 VVC needed new front discs - had them from eBay buy it now with Mintex pads for 24 + 10 postage! My son and I fitted them in a couple of hours - old discs needed some hammer.
JM Poston

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