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MG MGF Technical - Brake pads wedge shaped

It's MOT time so I started the usual test an inspection routine. I found the rear inner pads on both sides wedge shaped. Thicker at the outer edge. Nice rusty ring on the disk at the outer edge. The caliper casting where the anti-rattle springs touch was in poor shape. Rough casting and rusty lumps. No way could the rear of pad move so they just pivoted about the springs. Close examination showed slight wedging from top to bottom as well on one pad. A quick test showed the top of the spring binding before the bottom when moved gently across the caliper. The outer pad doesn't move in relation to the caliper so it only affects the inner pad.

Something else to add to the maintenance list. Time for the grinder.
Ken Waring

Rear caliper Ken?
Rob Bell

Yes, the rear but I guess it could happen on the fronts as well. The principal is the same. I suppose a stainless steel shim/spring similar to AP would be a better solution.

I don't understand designers that use a stainless steel shim top and bottom but ignore the high pressure surface.
Ken Waring

You're right, I am sure that the front calipers could be so affected, but the rears are at higher risk of this being a problem - they get rather less use under light driving conditions, and are as a rule much more prone to seizure.
Rob Bell

time for some maintenance I think!
new pads and probably discs too!

interestingly the rears cost more than the front which are basically a disposable item at 30 a set.

get some abrasive pads in there and up your braking efficiency


Red face Neil. Maintenance well overdue, thats why this occurred.

Low cost discs are available for the rear, 26 a pair IIRC. They've worn well on my daughters car.

I'm still really puzzled the brakes on her car are just excellent, vitually zero movement in the servo unit, no bracket installed, vintage 96. My car 99, rubbish, servo wags about all over the place.
Ken Waring

Ken, if you're referring to the BremTech discs, I have a pair of those rusting in the garage that developed a 2cm crack on their first hard use. No such problem with the Lockheed replacements, only a few pounds more too.

I'd regarded the wedging of pads to be an unavoidable symptom of my heavy right foot when trying to keep up on track days, so if you find a tweak that evens out the wear under 'normal' conditions I'll be very interested.

Maybe spot welders have off days...
Mike Hankin

>> Maybe spot welders have off days... <<

If that's the case, then the spot welder on my car was in another country at the time :o(

Servo movement is now practically complete arrested through addition of extra bracketry. Unfortunately, there is plenty of other places for wear to manesfest - particularly in the linkages, bearings and supports for the torque tube across the front bulk head.

I am planning on having the servo re-located as per MGF Cup car, so the brake pedal acts more directly upon the master cylinder.
Rob Bell

I don't think the manufacturer was proud enough to put a name on them Mike.
I have ground the rear surface of the calipers really smooth where the spring contact occurs and a very light smear of gease. That will fix it until corrosion gets going again.

I'm surprised your right foot causes wedging :-))

Spot welders?
Ken Waring

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