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MG MGF Technical - Brake Problems

I have an MGF on a 97 plate, yesterday I replaced my brake pads. As I was doing this I lost a little brake fluid from somewhere, got in my car this morn and no brakes, I pump the brake pedal, which eventually stiffens up, but immediately goes loose. I just wondered if the problem was that I'd lost brake fluid and it needs topping up?? Can anyone help??

Cheers, Andy

You've lost fluid and got air in the system. You will need to replace the fluid and bleed the system once you have found out where you are losing the brake fluid from.
Blue Pocket Rocket

Hi Andy,

If the fluid in the reservoir dropped too far below minimum, air will have been sucked into the master cylinder. As BPR says, a thorough bleed with fresh fluid will solve that, but first I'd establish where the leak is - bleed nipples perhaps?
Mike Hankin

Thanks BPR and Mike for the reply, I think I may have lost some fluid when removing the nuts to replace the brake pads. So, to bleed the fluid I loosen the bleed nipples??? then just replace all the fluid in the system???

Cheers, Andy

What <nuts> did you undo other than the wheels ??
You should only need to remove the 'Caliper Swivel Bolts' and thereby have NO fluid loss.
As BPR says, you need to look at each brake first to find where the leak is/was and ensure that it is stopped before any bleeding is done.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Hi there are no need what so ever to crack off any caliper pipes to change the brake pads if its the fronts the capier will come straight on attached to the flexi-pipe, if its the rear the pads are held in with a couple of wee pins remove pins and pull out pads no brake fluid seen the light of day no hassle.


Hi, since reading the comments yesterday I bled all the fluid from the system and then topped the system back up, this had made no effect whatsoever, I pump the brakes and theres nothing there..... can someone please give me a step by step guide to bleeding the system....... even a diagram for idiots such as myself would be handy, please help....


Good luck.

Sam Murray

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