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MG MGF Technical - brake switch plunger expert needed

Hi Chaps,

Okay, so, from archives I need to reset my brake switch plunger.

The problem is.., I have had a good stare at the pedals, and can't see it.
I have looked at the cd/manual and it points out that its just about where the steering wheel is..

Who knows where it is?
Someone must know?!?

Neil H

Reach into drivers footwell, feel behind brake pedal, only wires back there lead to a switch with a plunger, twist and pull down, then do as thge achives do.
Will Munns

I had to do the same thing this weekend, by chance I noticed in a reflection on the car I was parked close to. I have no idea how long they havenít been working, it could be months. I seem to be doing this a few times a year, is there not a permanent solution?
T Graveling

You are pulling it so hard you think you've broken it? make sure you don't lift the pedal (do you have wide shoes and lift the pedal when comming off the gas?
Will Munns

Ahh there... found it.., thanks will..

stupid thing.. who designed that!!
Neil H

Yep, need to be a contortionist to get to it! LOL :-)

There are pictures on the SOS site (you knew i was going to say that didn't you!) Direct link to one of them here:

>> <<

Scarlet Fever

Well, all sorted now..

You standard MGF brake switch doesn't respond well to 6'4" bloke driving with steel toe-caps..
Guess I must've caught the pedal a bit.
Neil H

This thread was discussed on 16/02/2004

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