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MG MGF Technical - Brake warning light flashing on hills

It just goes on and on.....
As soon as I fixed my idle speed problem, the car has decided to keep me on my toes by displaying a new fault!
Now, when I drive down a steep hill (and only when going down a steep hill) the brake warning light on the dash flashes on intermittently. It does not matter if I am using the brakes or not. If I stop on the hill the light will go out - it seems to be triggered by the movement of the car (particularly over bumps) whilst going down a hill. (The brake pads and the fluid level are all okay).
I think maybe it is a loose connection which is moved due to the attitude of the car - any ideas?
Jason H

Is it the handbrake light?
In this case, you need to adjust the handbrake lever (however, I can't tell you how as (believe it or not) my dealer fixed this .... but I'm sure someone here can explain)

Worrying if it is the brake warning light. Check, double check and then triple check the brake master cylinder and fluid level. If they and the brake lines calipers and pads really are okay, then the problem is probably electrical as you say, be it with the sensor or a connection.

If in any doubt, get a MG technician to check it out.

Rob Bell

The fluid level, brake lines and the pads are all definitely okay - the problem is definitely electrical.
The light is the same light that comes on with the handbrake. I presumed this is also the brake warning light - but if it just for the handbrake then the problem must be handbrake switch.
Jason H

I had the same problem with the handbrake. Try pushing the hand brake down to see if this will switch the light off. Unfortunately the switch cannot be moved so you need a way to make it a few milimetres longer. Try sticking some tape on it or for a more permanent solution screw a very tiny screw on top of the switch. You can access the switch by pulling out the gaiter of the handbrake.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Can also be an electric problem with the brake fluid switch as Rob mentioned.
To check this you can just pull off the plug from the switch at the fluid expansion tank.

Signal gets pulled to ground at this switch and as well at the handbrake switch.
The MGF has no brake pad wear signal/switch.

Dieter Koennecke

Thanks for the advice, the problem was a loose/bad connection at the top of the fluid reservoir.
I have cleaned the connections and all is now well!
Jason Harris

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