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MG MGF Technical - Brake & Clutch Pedal adjusters

As I drive my car I find two things happening: 1. The steering wheel touches my knee when I go to use the clutch pedal. and the second that the top of my foot touches the under dash panel when I use the Brake pedal. I have moved the seat right back but find that I am crashing the gears. I have tried the seat lowering kit from Newton but this did not solve the problem. I have size 9 feet and am 5 foot 10 inches tall, quite normal, so there must be others who have the same problem,

To solve the problem I was thinking of trying Satur's pedal adjusters, but do not want to buy them if they will not solve the problem.

My question is has anyone tried these and do they work. Or has anyone got any other suggestions.


Hi Dave,
I've no own experiance with Mike S. pedal adjuster but have seen it at a chappies MGF.
IMO its only availiable for the clutch pedal.
It allows to lower the pedal to the same level as the one for the brake. This is done by seperation of that complete bolt (with two yokes?) (Gabelkopf) in two parts. One inner and the other outer threaded with a lock nut.
That friend was nearly satisfied (1,85m tall)


> the top of my foot touches the under dash panel when I use the Brake pedal.

I have the same problem because of the height difference between the brake and the accelerator pedals.
I was considering cuting this plastic stuff under the dashboard but I gave out. That's a big problem in case of emergency. The best solution is "don't wear too large shoes" ....

Jérôme (1m80)
121 CCK 92

Hi Dave,

I have the Mike Satur brake pedal adjuster on my F. Cost about 25 quid if I recall.

I found that the brake pedal was a little too high for confortable road driving (although one gets used to it). I find the new position much better. They are infinitely adjustable within a wide range via a simple screw thread.

Do they stop you clouting the bottom of the dash with your feet? I doubt that this would be an entirely effective solution, but may result in a small improvement.

Robert Bell

Dave, Jérôme
"size 9 feet" & "don't wear too large shoes"

Rover never thought of us Australian's....
I'm 6ft tall and have a size 12 foot (which is normal down here) I've never driven the "F" with my shoes on !


Matthew Minion

In addition to the brake pedal adjuster I have removed the cover for the fuse box, only two screws, as I was fed up of having the toes of my shoes cut to shreds by the sharp metal edge on the fuse box cover, the adjuster allows you to lower the brake pedal to the same height as the clutch pedal, this makes heel/toeing easier as well. Mike.

Thanks All.

Happy New Year everybody,

I have fitted Mike Satur's adjustable brake pedal adjuster. At six feet 3 inches and a size 11 shoe, it has proved to be extremely beneficial, no more feet catching on the fuse box holder. Very easy to fit and adjust. A word of caution though, when fitting the clutch adjuster. Extreme caution must be taken when removing the cir clip in the master clutch housing, get the right tools and you may save yourself a lot of frustration.

Keith Jamieson
keith jamieson

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