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MG MGF Technical - Brakes

I have a problem with the brakes on my '99 1.8 MPI. The problem is that the brakes do not appear to be as good as they should be or even were. It does not matter how hard you push the pedal, you just can't seem to make the brakes effective enough to bring in the ABS. The car just seems to slowly come to a halt. Changes to date:

1. EBC grooved discs (front only)
2. Black diamond pads all round
3. Braided hoses all round
4. Servo bracket
5. AP racing fluid.

The reason for the changes was to cure this problem, but it has not. General engineering principles (and the archive) would suggest a possible servo problem, but I would be interested if anyone out there has had this same problem, and if so what if anything cured it. Lastly, is there a sequence (other than furthest to nearest master cylinder) that the brakes should be bled in?

j p purveur

This certainly sounds like a brake bleeding problem - and this is something that can be tricky with all the pipe work that' associated with the ABS...

No hints I'm afraid - I've only worked with non-ABS cars :o/
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 28/04/2003

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