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MG MGF Technical - brakes as good or better than TF 160


I while ago my mate bought an MG TF 160 - shortly after I'd got my TF 135, which I thought was seriously bad form (at least mine's got leather seats). Anyway, I've driven my mate's car and the biggest difference I could perceive was in the braking which seemed much more positive and inspired much more confidence.

Anyway, I want to upgrade my brakes.

I fancy the 300mm four pot kit that HiSpec do ( but it's a bit pricey: more than 1000 quid if you put big discs on the rear as well. Does anyone have any opinion on how this kit compares to the setup on the 160? Am I better to go with Mike Satur's four pot kit or maybe even just bigger discs all round and better pads?

Bear in mind that I'm umming and ahh-ing about the possibility of maybe, just maybe, thinking about the feasibility of going for a Turbo Technics supercharger installation at some point in the future...

Mark Hodgson

Me again...

Just been to

Maybe the standard 160VVC setup from MGR is the way to go with 304mm rotors and AP racing calipers (I'm considering bigger wheels too). Seems that the standard 160 setup includes standard (read: substandard) rear brakes - which is interesting.

Wonder how much the MGR parts for the front brakes cost. Hmmm...
Mark Hodgson

Why not go for the TF160 brakes? The MGF Centre sell a pair of discs and callipers for 265 + VAT. Then all you need is pads and fluid, and a set of Trophy or TF160 wheels. The whole lot would cost less than the HiSpec kit, and would also not affect the warranty like the other options will (IMO its best to keep the warranty for as long as poss if you can ;) )
Steve White

Me again again.

Been to and feel a lot better informed.

Rob Bell is clearly a Jedi Master.

Mark Hodgson

Not heard many good words about HiSpec ... have a search beforehand. Might throw up a few horror stories.



At the moment I've not seen piston specs for any of uprated brakes available.

Tyre grip stops the car and this will vary because of suspension set ups etc, so comparing cars even with same tyres may not indicate better brakes.

Removing compliance from system will make the brakes feel more positive - braided hoses.

One reason for uprating fronts is that when using slicks that add more grip there is more weight transfer.

Another reason is dealing with heat from multiple stops or high speed stops. If pad fade (usually outgassing) is a problem, the grooved drilled discs and an uprated pad will help.

For road use if uprating front this may mean uprating rear and dealing with the complications of the handbrake.

The first and cheapest upgrade is therefore pads, grooved discs and braided hoses.


Yeah Mark,

There's a thread in the "mgf general" section about the company HiSpec so I'd have a look at that thread first as Andy suggests above.

Chris Tromans

>> Rob Bell is clearly a Jedi Master. <<

LOL, thanks Mark! ;oD

The AP racing '160' brakes are such incredibly good value from places like the MGFC that almost any other option seems expensive. But do bear in mind that you will need the 11-spoke Trophy or TF160 wheels if going for these, and this does put the price up considerably (circa 500+ quid + VAT depending on which wheel opted for).

Hmm... HiSpec. Those links are pretty disparaging!!! :o(
Rob Bell

I've got 285mm discs on my car and the Turbo Technics supercharger. Calipers are by Hispec. I tried poly bushes as well but the wishbones couldn't handle the punishment and had to be replaced about every 6 months so I've reverted to standard bushes. Big brakes are a must if you go for the extra performance. I still get brake fade coming down the mountain even with green stuff pads.
Tony Webber


Grooved and dilled will help fade but a Hawk road pad will run up to 800deg rather than Greenstuff 550deg.

Information on pads to fit Hispec is thin on ground.


Paul, see other thread on the general board.
For my HiSpec brakes they use standard pads from older Lotus/Jag models. ie. most makes!! :-)
Paul Nothard

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