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MG MGF Technical - Brakes - just replaced

I've just replaced the rear brake discs and pads on my F, (painfully - had to drill out the retaining screws !!!). The brakes now feel a bit spongy and the hand brake doesn't feel a s tight.

I've jacked it up and tested the handbrake and brakes and they seem to be okay. Someone suggested that the brake fluid needs replacing - could be the case, not done it for years.

How difficult is it to change the brake fluid - is there any websites showing me what to do.

They may just need to bed in over the next 50 miles or so - shouldn't take too long as both pads and disks are new. To change the fluid is easy, just like bleeding but I usually pump the fluid out via the nearest bleed nipple until the level in the reservoir is about 1/4 full then top up with new fluid, repeat a couple of times and then work around the rest of the wheels until the fluid comes out nice and clean from each corner. You get through a lot of fluid but it is fairly cheap - DON'T LET THE RESERVOIR RUN EMPTY or you will really have to bleed the whole system!! (and don't get it on any paintwork as it is great stripper!!)

As Tony says, give them chance to bed in before judging the pedal feel - you may well find that the sponginess fades.
If prior to changing the brakes you were finding the handbrake needed a hefty heave and was coming quite high, you'll probably need to adjust the cable tension (under the cubby box) as the cables will have stretched slightly.
Mike Hankin

An Eezibleed kit from gunson is a really good investment if you have to do this alone BUT it doesn't come with an adapter that fits the MG so you have to make one or use an old reservoir cap suitable modified.
Ken Waring

When I changed discs and pads I terrified myself as there seemed to be almost no braking. A dozen or so hard stops brought the brakes back to normal. Certainly enough to make the ABS operate on a dry road.

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