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MG MGF Technical - Brakes/K&N Filter fitting

Are rear brake pads a doddle to fit? MGF dealer wants 130 quid for it! What about a K & N filter? Is that easy to fit? Is it worth it? Comments please!

K&N. So easy, even I could do it. Definitely worth it.

There was a thread some time ago about brakes, but I ain't worn out a set yet.
David Bainbridge

All disc brakes are a 'doddle' to fit although you do need a tool to screw in the brake plunger.

When you say 130.00 is that including the pads?

Ted Newman

130 including pads. But B&G do a nice Kevlar set for 30, so that's at least 100 for fitting the dealer is charging.

>>130 including pads. <<
Good grief; you are sure this is just pads, or does it include disks as well ? Changing rear pads should take a dealer about 30 minutes total - let's say 30 labour. Take the rear wheels off and take a look at the current pads.
The K&N is only worthwhile if your insurer doesn't give you too much hassle. I may well remove mine because it isn't worthwhile in my case.


Steve, would you consider selling your K&N if you remove it?

Steve Childs

didn't take you long eh? steve!
I might change mine for an ITG to see what it's like

Yeah, until Dr Dave from the forums pointed out that they are a pipercross agent! :D

But its the noise from the K&N that I love!

Steve Childs

Hi Richie,

on the K&N Fitting front, I have had my bought my second hand MGF (1998 1.8i) about 2 months ago now and decided to fit the K&N. I am not mechanicaly minded at all unfortunately. However on the day it came to fitting my 7 year old son wanted to help. In the end he did about 80% of the job and the bits he did not do were where he could not reach down into the engine bay or where the bolts were too tight for him to start, otherwise he could of done the whole lot!!

Once its fitted..... well just do it, you wont regret it!
Gary Walker

>>Steve, would you consider selling your K&N if you remove it?<<
The deciding factor is that I will not keep the K&N as the only mod to the car; it's just coming up to its 5 year service - and I should decide b4 then if there are to be other mods.


>However on the day it came to fitting my 7 year old son wanted to help. In >the end he did about 80% of the job

That's what I like to hear - start 'em young! :)
Paul Lathwell

This thread was discussed on 11/04/2002

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