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MG MGF Technical - brakes,,cam followers

i brought a second hand mgf 97 model ive had problems with the brakes juddering like a electric connection dosnt seem to be connecting and water comming in from under passenger well, and now the cam followers are rattling are these cars really as bad as i keep hearing ive only had the car 3 months and 4,5 weeks of that has been in the garage please give what ever advice is nesesary to look into these cars a bit more thanks anybody


Sounds as though the car just needs some TLC.

<brakes juddering>
Sounds like you need your brake pads and/or discs changing - quite normal for this age of car.

<water comming in from under passenger well>
The air intake to the heater box probably needs the seal replacing - not a major job either.

I suggest you do a search of the archives on the Technical forum since these items have been well covered.

<cam followers>
Comments anybody?


Warren doesn't say what motor he has but my '96 VVC was quite rattly shortly after startup each morning - hydraulic valves, oil settling overnight, needs to circulate etc.

Also, is there any real history with the car? Are the cams/followers really knackered by a previous owner?

As Tony has already said, the first 2 problems are 'wear and tear' items and easily fixed at minimal cost - I found a few faults when I bought my VVC 30 months ago and got the dealer to attend to them first. After that I had the sort of problems that I would expect with a 7 year old car.

This bbs and archive will have all the answers you will ever need - just be a bit inventive with search criteria.

Check the oil it may need changine - if so use engine flush and refill with good quality stuff, it will be clattery initially but the followers should pump up after a quick blast.
Will Munns

... and if the tappets are noisy then the oil level could simply be on the low side: it's MGs audible 'Low Oil Warning' ;o)

A thorough service should have all these items sorted. Try any of the mg specialists (eg: Brown and Gammons, MGFCentre, Mike Satur, Techspeed etc) and they'll sort all these problems out pretty quickly. :o)
Rob Bell

Sonds like you should just look after the car a bit!
and leaving it in the garage wont help.
These are what I would call "nothing" problems

Give it an oil change with proper oil, top up the oil to max and give it a good long blast down the motorway (10miles at more than 4500rpm) should solve the tappet rattle

change the front pads and possibly discs it will make a profound difference. I recommend this as a matter of course. If you dont use your car for Trackwork try Mintex pads I use greenstuff as I find it far more subtle during road use.

pads and discs for a std car are very very cheap

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