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MG MGF Technical - Brakes pads, another lot of EBC Greenstuff or some

Before anyone tells me do a archive search... I have and there's like thousand threads but not the one I'm looking for.

My EBC Greenstuff are wearing out (or is that worn out already) and it's time to replace with the same... if not better.

I was reading a while ago that a number of F'ers had switched from EBC Greenstuff to "another" brand and they loved the results

What was that brand ?

Thanks Matt
Matthew Minion

I have Mintex 1144s - and they are excellent
(still have greenstuff on the rear brakes tho')



I have also used Mintex 1144s (all round) on Roversport grooved discs and been very happy with them. Interestingly, I find that the rears wear before the fronts.


The downside of the Mintex pads is that they generate lots of black dust and seem to be worse than the OEM pads in this respect.


Patrick Beet


Patrick thanks for the dust comment RE: Mintex. The main reason I picked Greenstuff was because they don't produce much dust.

So I'm guessing Mintex 1144 are carbon based and the Greenstuff are Kevlar

Any other "good" Kevlar brands anyone using ?


Matthew Minion

What base is Mintex 1166 ? Looking black as well. Carbon also, is it ?
They are waiting to get installed as EBC Greenstuff replacement at mine.
Dieter K.
Erik has something about materials used. (EBC and Mintex only)
Dieter K.

I agree with you - if you want dust free progress (and don't do track days) then EBC Greenstuff pads are the ones for you, no doubt.

On the track though, they seem to over heat and produce MORE dust than the Mintex pads!

When I removed my Greenstuff pads to upgrade to Mintex 1177s, I discovered that the pad 'block' had started to crack and disintergrate. One can probably blame track days and sprints for that, I suppose.
Rob Bell

>> if you want dust free progress (and don't do track days) then EBC Greenstuff pads are the ones for you...

But can you get them for the TF160's larger discs yet???

Don't know Simon - try dropping B&G and MS a line.
Rob Bell

My MGF is fitted with non standard brake calipers and I cannot find the correct replacement pads. The calipers are marked 'Billet 4, Hi Spec'. Can anyone tell me how to contact them?
Tony Webber

Tony, try contacting via

PaulN uses these brakes too, they sound to be superb. Do you have them front and rear?
Rob Bell

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