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MG MGF Technical - brakes pulling

hi guys
just fitted new discs and pads (grooved discs and green stuff pads)to my f. on its first run brakes seem to be pulling to the left. done about 50 miles now seems to be getting better.
My question how long should i expect for the brakes to bed in or should i strip the offside brake to make sure things are okay

thanks tony

Tony, it must depend on how much it is pulling to the left. If you got caught out and needed to emergency stop, would be be in the ditch. If so - check it now as tomorrow may be too late.

I know you already know how to suck eggs but when you check, give both disks a huge spray with brake cleaner in case any copperslip got on during assembly.

Tony, it sounds as though one of the pads is binding in the caliper - it may be caught at an angle, so it may simply be that the pad guide is a bit gunked up or there is a little too much paint on the new pad back plate. In any case, as John suggests, it would be highly advisible to remove the road wheels and closely inspect the brakes, and remove/clean/reassemble the brakes as appropriate.

Rob Bell

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