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MG MGF Technical - Brakes/ rover dealers!@$$%

Been awhile since I've been logged on this BBS thanks to a long running problem-free streak with my VVC, that is until I took it to the dealer.... Got my car back a couple weeks ago for a scheduled checkup and oil change only to find the brakes acting up.

I did note they did some work on the brake cylnder according to the bill. Now, I find a very subtle pumping feeling in the brake at slow speeds and more noticeable pumping when braking hard. although I have ABS, I'm pretty sure it doesn't feel like the pumping you get when ABS engages and these have been in situations which should NOT set off ABS (dry, clean asphalt, no aggressive braking or turning - like coming to a slow rolling stop from 10mph!).

any suggestions and where to look before I take it back to the dealer? Dislocated brake pad? Uneven disc wear?

More likely to be warped discs?

Mike, any clue as to what work was carried out on the brakes, and why?

Rob Bell

Sounds like someone went for a test drive and has cooked the brakes, leading to warping on one of them. Warping can occur even when operating within speed limits, if for example the car comes to a rapid halt from motorway speeds then the driver keeps his foot on the brakes after stopping. The area under the pad contact area is subject to considerably reduced ability to remove heat and the difference between this and the cooler areas of the disc can induce a warp.

Roger Parker

This thread was discussed between 16/11/2000 and 19/11/2000

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