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MG MGF Technical - Braking concerns

Hi all

Had Goodyear F1's fitted today all round and the ride and handling seems much improved to the Hanook tyres that were on the vehicle when I purchased it

But I'm still finding the brakes initially pull slightly to the left when braking at speed 70+ which is most disconcerting ! The pads are all new Mintex fitted recently...

Is this a wheel alignment/tracking problem or am I looking at warped disc's ?
The car runs straight as a die when I'm not braking !

Any ideas ?



Stu, check all the obvious, tyre pressures/sizes wear in ball joints etc.This could be due to wheel alignment or if this checks out re-look at the pads in case some debris and rust is causing one pad to work slightly out of sync.Try bleeding the brakes through with fresh fluid,HTH.

Cheers Mike

Want you to fit a full set of polyflex bushes asap, knuckles etc ,can you drop me a mail and let me know when you can fit me in?

Will look at the pads/ ball joints etc


... and don't expect the tyre fitter to have put the correct pressure in the tyres Stu - I know that Mike mentioned this, but worth repeating!

Glad to year that you're happy with your new Goodyears - which F1s did you get - the GS-D2s or the GS-D3s?
Rob Bell

>> the GS-D2s or the GS-D3s do you tell??

Just giessing - it will be written on the side of the tyre.

Ted Newman

The two tyres actually look quite different, but the tell-tale is the small print on the tyre wall as Ted suggests.

The GS-D3 is the latest iteration of the tyre, and the one that's been winning the tyre test comparisons in most of the motoring mags.
Rob Bell


Bought the GSD2's they didnt have the 3's but at 47 for the 195's and 63 for the 205's it seemed a good price ...243 quid all in with vat etc (15" rims)


A very good price! :o) The 'D2s are excellent tyres in their own right - as many happy MG owners here will testify :o)

I'd love to know how the two versions feel out on the track though...
Rob Bell

Oh bugger...just looked and mine are the D2s.

How are the D3s different??

How are they better??

And BTW, what kind of mileage can I expect from the D2s on my TF??

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