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MG MGF Technical - braking judder

I bought trophy front Callipers and pads for my 1.8I. They were second hand. The pads were in good shape so I just rubbed them down with emery cloth to condition them. I also purchase new discs. I have had them on my car for about 2 years now.

The problem is juddering when i brake from about 40 mph. The juddering is very slightly and only when the brakes are first applied.

I am wondering if there is an issue with Trophy disc running out of true due to there large size and also if I could have another problem that looks like discs warping. I have noticed i need to change the front pads as they are getting low but i do not think this is causing a problem.

The car is a 1999 and has done 55,000.
Steve Kemp

Is the judder the same regardless of how hard you are braking? If it disappears under heavy braking it could just be a wheel slightly out of balance - are you feeling it through the pedal or the steering, or both?
Not unknown for one of the AP caliper pistons to seize, causing the pad to bind slightly. The resulting higher temperatures is quite capable of warping the disc in my experience. Retracting the pistons in the process of fitting new pads may well solve the cause, but the discs would need to be renewed.
Mike Hankin

This might actually just be the pads moving around in the caliper; they are prone to some movement, and perhaps with the pads now well worn, they are not located perfectly.

Try replacing the pads and see how you go.

If you have access to a dial position indicator, it may also be sensible to check the run out on the discs to check for warping... But I'd replace the pads first.

Rob Bell


Your are probably right, it could be the wheel balancing, this was my suspicions, as i can feel it through both. I was going to try to change front wheels with back to test. The juddering goes a way under hard braking.

I will have to change the pads but would like to get them at a sensible price if anyone knows where to go. I am not interested in performance pads as might sell the car this year. Had it for 6 years now and had my fun but at a cost. Usual items Head gasket etc.

Steve Kemp

Steve, try checking the prices for pads from B&G, Mike Satur and the MGF Centre.

Have you done anymore to the engine? You've got the BP270H cams as I recall :o)
Rob Bell

Hi Rob. I have the same cams and have not done anything to the engine. I have been getting probs with the car, rear shocks went thorough the rear quarters. Old shocks were only set at 3. They were AVO's. The engine has developed a knocking sound. I think it is a hydraulic tappet given up. It is in for a service next week so should find out. Thanks for the info on pads.
Steve Kemp

Ouch - sorry to hear about the development of the knocking noise. Fingers crossed it isn't anything more serious than a stuck tappet!

Unfortunately, the upper shock mount failure is well known - Andrew had the same problem with his car - see :o( I think that you've been very unlucky to suffer with the AVOs only set to 3 though.
Rob Bell

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