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MG MGF Technical - Braking prob

Have noticed recently that when braking from highish speeds on the motorway that the car is pulling to left. Not wildely out of control but it needs correction with the wheel.
Is this a damper problem or are there other potential causes with the hydragas units???



Interesting question as I have the same problem....

A suspension problem can cause this, but a problem with the hydragas is relatively uncommon.

Tracking is much more likely to be responsible for your directional instability under braking.

Check the following:

1. Tyres - how have they worn? Is there uneven wear on the inner edges of the tyre? If you've just stopped the car, you may find that a part of the tyre is warmer than another if the tracking is out.
2. Check too the tyre pressures: are these correct, and equal on both sides of the car?
3. Check the ride height of the car (measure the ride height from the wheel centre to the wheel arch lip vertically above) Should be equal on both sides (and about 368 mm 10 mm depending on temperature). If unequal, excessively high or excessively low, go to a garage and get this attended to.
4. It is not unheard of for dampers to fail (look for evidence of oil leakage on the damper outer casing) - but more commonly on older MGFs the damper bushes fail (age makes them brittle and crack). Replace the bushes if necessary (mike satur sells PU replacements).

There are other causes (incorrect drive angles for example) but start with these simple visual checks first.

Let us know how you get on Rich.
Rob Bell

Hi All

I have the same problem too, I had the tracking done and also had SO2's fitted, it did not help.

Hey Rob are you doing to the Luton meet ?? If you are I have a couple of things I need help with on my F. ( Thats if you have not been kid napped by others.

Kindest Regards

sunil kshirsagar

I too had this problem on my five year old VVC
It's now been corrected with new suspension dampers (actually just replacing the bushes would probably have fixed it). The old bushes were *way* past their serviceable life !


I, too, have exactly the same problem which is espicially disconcerting in the wet. I have had the problem since new and the car is now nearly 3 years old but the dealer couldn't find anything wrong. However, I am still running on NCTs though on the front end and everyone is always telling me the tyres are to blame.
david stonehouse

Sunil, I'll see you Saturday (hopefully fitting the new exhaust first thing in the morning :o)
Rob Bell

Anyone - could it have to do with the brakes (pads and/or discs) instead of tyres?

I too have this problem on my 96 vvc.
Have fitted Mike Satur's shocker bushes and done all the things suggested by Rob but still no improvement.

Nick Pinches

Hi All

I have to say that it was fairly worrying the first time this happened. I had the car AA tested and when I drove the car a day after buying it I noticed it.

I also have a fair amount of shake rattle and roll comming via the steering wheel where I hit a pot hole. I wonder if this is a result of the cross member failing ???

We'll see on Saturday!

Kindest Regards

sunil kshirsagar

>>Anyone - could it have to do with the brakes (pads and/or discs) instead of tyres?<<
Certainly could !
Look at the pads and discs (easiest to take pads out) - are they wearing evenly ? - or could a caliper be sticking ?
You could also try bleeding the brakes.


Could also be worn suspension bushes (rear tie bar etc)


I have the same problem and I reckon it's down to a leaking suspension, check the thread leaky sphere? to see how to check for this.
Best of luck

No one has mentioned the road camber yet...
Try it in an empty car park to get a raod with no camber.

Will Munns

Ah a little more news and having just read Wills comment quite appropriate!
It was the 1st time in a while I had been up the dreaded M6 and that was when I noticed it!
However on my normal drive to work I use a dual carriage way similar speeds and tried to recreate the problem with medium and heavy brake applications but no joy!

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