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MG MGF Technical - Braking problems

Have been having problems with the braking of the mg. Poly bushes all round green stuff on the front..Back has just ben skimmed and green stuff put in place. Problem is still on braking that the car twitches does not pull up in a straight line - tends to dance. New bilstene shocks in the back. Two mechanics - one says problem is in the front while ther other says the problem is in the rear

The last time Drobve at speed I found that on straightewning up after a corner the back end flicked out - felt as if the body was movinng over the wheels
Any ideas?


David Richards

Sounds like your bushes weren't fitted properly!

sounds like the rears, and it sounds dangerous go straight back to wherever you had the job done

Thank God for a persistant mechanic

Problem solved and I was not imagining the situation.

After all bushes were tested and tightened - Steering rack torqued to right level problem still there. On the brake testing mechine - everything sweet. Out on the road positively dangerous. Back onto the hoist again - All joints were tested with a bar - no movment. Back on the road - no good

Then decide to attack every bolt in the suspension system with a spanner. Wallah

The inner bolt holding the lower right suspension arm to the chassis rail was almost undone. (a bugger of a bolt to get to I am told) Hence under braking the arm and wheel would twitch throwing the car every which way bus straight. also caused the body to flick sharpley and violently across itself when straightening up after a fast corner. that was the bit that had me really worried.

This morning I met a mechanic with a cheshire grin.

Well done Kevin
David Richards

This thread was discussed on 27/01/2006

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