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MG MGF Technical - Brighter headlight bulbs

I was looking in Halfords at the weekend for some brighter headlight bulbs. I noticed that some of the lights claim to be 20%, 30% & 50% brighter, but are still the same Wattage (55W). I assume that as the light level is logarithmic, then even 50% brighter is not that much?
Anyway, in amongst the 16 bright blue boy-racer lights there is some off-road (90W & 100W) obviously outside on the Construction & Use Regulations, for 6, much more like my price range and obviously a good deal brighter.
The exam question is; does anyone have experience of using these in a F/TF, my concern is that the increased current consumption may overheat the wire or switch contacts. Rover being optimal on most things, I again assume that the wire is only just good enough for the standard 55W lamps. Prolonged experience is the only real answer to this
I live out in the country and drive for many miles on B roads, with no street lighting, bloody pheasants all over the place, cats, foxes and stupid locals with no lights on their bikes riding home from the pub! I NEED some bright lights!


Hi, I have used things like Silverstars(?)in all my other cars and they really do make a difference. If you have an older F the headlight bowls maybe going milky and you may need a new set or get them resilvered - sign up as member for free and do a search on headlights. The only trouble I have found with the extra 50% etc types is they only seem to last about a year but I tend to drive with my lights on most of the time - they burn brighter for the same power due to funny gases in them.



I got some (non road legal) 80W bulbs for the main beams a few years ago. These are great and have passed 2 or 3 MOT's. Why use snake oil when you can have more watts?


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