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MG MGF Technical - Broken Head Light Glass

Grrr. At the weekend a stone has chipped the drivers side head light glass on my 98'F. It has made a small hole (2mm) wiht a larger chip (10-20mm dia) on the inside of the glass.

Q1 Can this be retaired?
Q2 If not any idea of the best place to get a new glass - with out being ripped of by my local Rover dealer?

Grumpy of Hampton


I have a spare set of UK spec headlamps if interested for sale!


Jorg Mendgen

Seal the hole with clear silicone sealer before driving in the rain. Otherwise you will get water inside and suffer from condensation.

This will last a good while but I do not know about MOT rules


Rover do supply the glass seperate from the headlamp, they just do not advertise the fact.

Quote the following part numbers

LH Headlamp Glass = XBQ100710 54.74
RH Headlamp Glass = XBQ 100700 54.74


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