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MG MGF Technical - broken windscreen wipers

Can anybody help?

My windscreen wipers are broke, the linkage has come off the wiper motor but when its snapped back in place it doesn't seem to want to stay there when it is in motion. Should it just simply snap into place and stay there or could something have worn on the winding arm?

Any thoughts would be really helpfull.


Exactly same thing happened to mine exactly 2 days after one years ownership. The MGR garage here said that if it goes the whole mechanism has to be replaced.

I tried as you did for a week or so just slotting the wipers back into place but after a few potholes theyed pop out again. I took the car in when I tried to drive the car with no wipers in driving rain. (The scariest experience I've had in a car).

Lucky the garage replaced the whole mechanism without charge as I was only a couple of days over my years warranty.

any idea how much the whole mechanism costs to buy as a spare part, and how easy it is to fit it?

I think its app 130 quid ?.
DIY possible if the clutch cylinder gets made loose mechanical, not the hydraulics.
Dieter Koennecke

I have just had the same problem on my Y2K. The dealer had to replace the whole mechanism. However, the mechanic demonstrated a 'get you home' fix, which is to pack out the joint by putting a piece of plastic (bit of carrier bag)over the ball and popping it back together.
Needless to say, although I have had the problem fixed I always keep a bit of carrier bag in the boot; you never know.....

Yep,had the same problem with the drivers side ball linkage.Rover answer was a new mechanism at about 100 plus fitting.The fitting did not sound so easy.
By opening the bonnet and turning the wipers on I noticed that the wiper arm was fouling the plastic shroud when operating,and forcing the ball joint apart.
Easy solution - remove shroud and cut it where needed.
Just to be on the safe side I also fabricated a small U shaped bracket from a strip of 15mm wide S/S and fixed this over the ball joint. A convenient hole is already in the wiper arm linkage so a small bolt and then a cable tie over the whole affair will stop any tendency for the U bracket to twist off.
No further problems after a couple of thousand miles.
Tim Sanders

Thanks for all the info Lads, i fitted a new mechanism this morning from the rover spare parts depo, it cost 80 inc VAT but i fitted it myself, it was not to difficult and save me 30+/hr labour costs. I only needed a linkage arm but Rover only sell it as a whole set. Bastards hey!!!

Hey well all fixed and ready for the MOT.

cheers again



Congrats :))))
Keep the motor for later use, or sell it.
Dunno the best place UK place to sell MGF parts currently. Richard Eaton's seams offline ?

No other adverds place ????
Mr Pauuul Laaaathhhwellll !! or any other english webmaster !!! could be your option ?
I've got for example only a poor german language adverds board at
There are loads of FOC tools on the web availiable.

Dieter Koennecke

cheers Dieter, i'll check out the sites anyway but i think i'll keep the mechanism for a spare :)


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