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MG MGF Technical - Brown&Gammons Super Sports Exhaust?

Has anyone the Super Sports (BGF6000) fitted to their car?I just had it offered for 276GBP from Gammons? Would you recommend it?

Jorg Mendgen

i have one jorg and yes it is great sounds wonderful go for it,and if you haven't got one and funds will stretch compliment it with a K&N filter cheers Dave T6 DCM.
david morris

It's IMO the same make like the Milltek.

You'd better ask who has none installed ;)
I have and I think 50 or what more regulars here have it as well.
Not very pleased with the materials quality at my early made Milltek. (Tail pipes are difficult to be keep shining). I heard the Mike Satur exhausts should be better.
Though, it's a case on what you like to spend.

Anyway, please notice that a MY2001 and onwards MGF has a different design.
Dieter Koennecke

Milltek (Super Sports) exhaust can be brought from Anglo-Parts, maybe this is easier than getting one shipped from the UK.

I suggest you try to hear one in real life first, ... not everyone is pleased with the noise ;-)

And of course, take a note of what Dieter said. Not every exhaust for the F can be fitted to the newer F models.

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