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MG MGF Technical - Build Quality - not up to scratch...

I recently purchased a TF 160, only 5700 miles on the clock. The car was previously a Rover manager's car, just over 18 months old and still under warranty.

In the 2 weeks that I've had the car, the following problems / faults have arisen:-

1. Having got the car home, the horns didn't work. I duly checked the fuse, nothing wrong there.

2. The heater knob only turns half way round - even on cold, the heater still belts out hot air.

3. The boot lid when opened groans like hell - sounds like it's never had any oil on it since the day it was built.

4. In the rain, condensation build up behind the headlight lenses.

5. The carpet alongside the passenger door has completely come away.

6. The passenger air bag blanking plate has come loose.

7. In the rain, the roof leaks - water comes in around the drivers door mirror.

8. The drivers door rattles, doesn't sound too healthy inside.

9. The wheels have got locking nuts, but never received the key.

10. Still haven't received the spare keys which had to be ordered when the previous set was "lost".

Not a great start to MG motoring. Has anyone else had problems such as these?



Thats normal motoring!

Seriously take the car back to where you bought it and demand they fix the faults - either as a warranty job or under the sale of goods acts.

Ted Newman

sounds more like the PO didn't care to look after it, and the dealer is cr@p too. Persevere, get it sorted, and then you can start giving it the TLC it craves :-)
David S

My MGF 20 faults and rejected, replacement TF160 22 faults and will trade in Friday for a Z4 although the faults are getting much less frequent. I assume I've completed MG's quality inspection for the car at 24000 miles. I am sick of MG quality. Anyway...

1. Warranty
2. Warranty - knob operates cable that's come off
3. Oil it!
4. Standard problem - exacerbated by jet washing!
5. Standard problem - they don't fit - either side!
6. Push back in - they're a push fit...
7. Standard problem - warranty
8. Standard problem - warranty
9. Dealer fault set a deadline - meanwhile get AA/RAC cover...
10. Dealer fault set a deadline - meanwhile get AA/RAC cover...

"Not a great start to MG motoring. Has anyone else had problems such as these?"

Standard crap mate! Never have an MG without Warranty and AA/RAC roadside & recovery.
Ian Walker


Sorry to hear about that. Like yourself I too bought a TF160 with just 3800 miles on, (53 plate) but havent had any problems.

The only thing I did spot was that a spare had been removed from under the bonnet as it had made an indentation on the foam keeping it in place. Looks like they duly removed it and put a can of foam in it's place :o(

So, now got to get a spare and a jacking kit.

I agree with Ted, get it back there asap and demand they fix the faults !!

I waited over two weeks for my handbook as they had lost it and kept saying "it's on the way". I'd had enough of talking to the guy who sold me the car so I rang the dealer principal and demanded it be here the next day and I did finally receive it as promised.

Dont let them get away with it. Best of luck hope you get it sorted.


Tony Lynch

Tony, I'm not sure how many TF160s have a spare wheel as standard. The normal space saver doesn't fit because of the larger calipers on the TF160. I understand you need to source a full size wheel as a spare. Search the archive and there will be several hits, or speak to Victoria as she has sorted several people out recently.

Sorry if you already knew all this but it may also help other TF160 owners.

The TF160 has always been provided as standard with the foam fixing kit. A full size alloy (black) is available as an optional extra. Hmmm, possibly a bargaining point for anyone buying a new TF160 actually - ie. get the dealer to throw the spare in FOC as part of the deal. ;-)
Paul Lathwell


Yeah I'm in the process of sorting one at the moment with Victoria.

I knew before I bought it that it did'nt have a spare wheel but the layer of foam padding against the bodywork inside suggests that there has been one there at sometime. Perhaps it's been removed by the dealer and replaced with the can of foam.

Another cost cutting exercise by MGR no doubt.

Have a good weekend everyone. Lets hope we all get some decent weather so we can get those roofs down :o)

Tony Lynch

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